Draymond Green was a force in Game 6.

Last night, I got an answer about why you would bother.

Curry was the winner of the finals most valuable player. One couldn't take their eyes off Draymond Green in a game that wasclinching on the road. Green is their bellwether, but Curry is their main point of reference.

It was clear the Celtics would come out in Game 6 and start throwing hooks and uppercuts, which they did, getting up 12 not even halfway through the first quarter, which is as good as it would get.

At the center of it was Green, grabbing boards, pushing the Warriors up the floor, always making the right pass, and playing defense seemingly on three people at once and never losing any of them, and he was the one who played defense seemingly on three people at once and never losing any It feels like Green can be knocked off his game because he rarely scores that much and when he does, there isn't much to cancel that out. Green was laser focused when he put the biggest prize right in front of him, and even in the biggest cauldron you would think is designed to send him off where the buses don't run.

Even after all the miles and the age of 32, he can still be a marvel. Help, close out, rebound, push, pass, do it all again. The best mark in the game was forty-one minutes.

That's the answer. When it counts the most, you get all of the bullshit in Draymond's game. Curry was able to drive around the track with the help of Green. He made Jaylen Brown forget how to dribble, made Horford look like an old man, and made Marcus Smart forget how to dribble. Four rings for him are not a joke.