Cramer told investors on Thursday that there are four camps of thinking in the current market, but only one worth listening to: the one that stays in the market and bets on the Federal Reserve winning its fight against inflation.

I wouldn't let it happen. The host of the show said to stay the course and work through the events that caused inflation, such as Russia, China, and the supply chain mess.

When the market turns, you will want to have some stock exposure.

Cramer said that there are more than one camp of thinking that investors should ignore.

Cramer explained that there are four camps of market mindsets, starting with the one he is a part of, and that other investors should be as well.

Cramer is a member of a group that believes that the stock market has been destroyed. The Fed has woken up after being too timid, but we are still not done with the pain.

The camp believes the Fed will win as long as Powell acts aggressively against inflation, he said.

Cramer doesn't think it's a good idea for the average person to get market advice from billionaires who have more money to spare.

Some of these guys are very smart, but their analysis only applies if you are already super rich. He said that if you are a regular person you will have different financial priorities.

According to Cramer, this cohort thinks the Federal Reserve is too late in raising interest rates and that there needs to be a recession for inflation to cool down.

They refuse to recognize that both the consumer and the enterprise are the healthiest they have ever been.

Cramer says that this group believes the economy will go through a period of high inflation and slow growth.

You either believe Powell or you don't. I think most of them don't, which is why I'm betting the Stagflation camp will be the dominant one.

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