Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

After an internal investigation, it was found that the board of directors did not fail to act when presented with allegations of harassment.

The board and its external advisors have determined that there is no evidence to suggest that senior executives at the company tried to downplay the instances of gender harassment that occurred.

The report acknowledges that there were problems within the company, but it doesn't address the concerns of the people who were harmed. One instance of someone feeling diminished is too many. The document said that the amount of misconduct reflected is comparatively low for a company of its size. It's odd to say one is too many and then cite a consultant who said it could have been worse.

The company has programs in place to make money back. The $18 million compensation fund was established by its settlement with the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Call of Duty made the company $3 billion in 2020, according to a report.

The company took a jab at the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing which tried to block the EEOC settlement since it might release the company from the state's own case against it.

The company has been subject to an onslaught of media criticism that attempts to paint the entire company with the stain of a very small portion of our employee population who engaged in bad behavior and were disciplined for it. The highly inflammatory, made-for-press allegations of theDFEH are what started this.

When there is a new allegation of stolen breast milk, alcohol-fueled "cube crawls," the now-infamous "Cosby suite," and the fact that the CEO likely knew about all of it, I guess. The public was made aware of thecube crawls and the cosby suite, but a lot of the other allegations were brought forward by the current and former employees of the company.