Thompson said earlier Thursday that the emails might come up in their hearings.

She told the Daily Caller that she would be willing to testify.

I am excited to clear up the myths. She said she was looking forward to talking to them.

The Washington Post and New York Times both reported late Wednesday that Thomas and Eastman had exchanged emails. The Times reported that Eastman had sent an email to another Trump campaign attorney with information about Supreme Court discussions about the election results. According to the Times, he said that the court was debating whether to take up election-related lawsuits on the eve of Jan. 6.

He did not discuss matters before the Supreme Court with the couple.

He said that he did not discuss matters pending or likely to come before the court with Mrs. Thomas or Justice Thomas. An invitation to give an update about election litigation to a group she met with periodically was the reason for the emails with Thomas.

Since the Washington Post and CBS published text messages she exchanged with White House chief of staff MarkMeadows, the committee has faced questions about her. She indicated that she had been in touch with others in Trump's circle when she pushed Meadows to continue fighting to reverse the result.

The texts raised questions about whether Thomas had talked to the woman who worked for her husband. In deposition testimony from Greg Jacob, a top aide to former Vice President Mike Pence, the select committee learned that he had expressed confidence that Justice Thomas would support a fringe theory that would prevent Joe Biden from being elected.

Jacob told the committee that if the case went to the Supreme Court, they would lose 9-0.

Jacob said that he was told that the court would vote .

I asked who the two people were. He thought of Clarence Thomas. I asked if it was really. Is Clarence Thomas still alive? We went through a few opinions from Thomas and he said it would be 9-0.

He wouldn't say if his initial instinct was based on contacts with either the justice or his wife. When the select committee questioned him about his conversation with Jacob, he invoked his right to not self-incriminating, as he did more than 100 times in his deposition with the panel.