Sale at a Heroes event in 2007.

The modern superhero wouldn't be what it is without Tim Sale. Modern myths and understandings about the character were defined by his work on Batman, Spider-Man, Superman, and many other great characters. DC executive and legend Jim Lee said that Sale was admitted to the hospital with "severe health issues". The news of Sale's death broke on Thursday.

It was with a heavy sadness that I announced that Tim Sale had passed away. He died with the love of his life next to him. The cause of death is still not known.

Sale started working in comics in the 1980's and gained a following in the 90's. Sale was catapulted to superstardom by their book Batman: The Long Halloween. The Long Halloween is an all-time comics classic that immediately became a profoundly influential text for the character, not just in comics but in generations of adaptation, with direct lines from it to Christopher Nolan's films.

He helped shape the definitive early years of several heroes with the color themed origins like Batman and Superman, as well as his work on the "Year One" style Superman for All Seasons. Comic book culture and mainstream popularity are both bridged by the NBC show Heroes.

Sale's work shows an appreciation and respect for these characters most outside of the comic book industry could not comprehend. He helped bring stories to life that were both exciting and complex. He could convey what many words couldn't. He will not be around anymore.

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