Take a deep breathe and relax. There is still time to buy Dad a gift. He'll talk about the gift for years to come, it's not just any gift, it's a gift that he'll be talking about for a long time. You just have to do it quickly. We have the best headphones, fitness tracker, and more.

Check out our best Father's Day gifts. Good gifts for dads would be made possible by our Mother's Day picks. Our other guides include Hiking 101 and Best Gifts for New Parents.

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There are health and watch deals.

The picture is withings

WIRED contributor Simon Hill gave it an 8 out of 10 because it offers health tracking features such as heart rate monitoring, electrocardiogram, and blood oxygen levels, all in a classic looking design that doesn't scream "smartwatch."

The Jorn doesn't have the most advanced fitness and health tracking features, but it does have an intuitiveUI and is easy to use. The men's size is the same as the women's.

Even though it's hard to see the Retro Pilot as a wristwatch, it does offer music playing controls, tracks step count, monitors sleep performance, and can even be configured to operate Dad's phone camera through the app.

If you and your Dad understand and accept the potential ramifications of peering into his genetic history, Ancestry's kits are among the most detailed on the market.

There is a photograph of Amazon.

The Homelabs clock is my favorite sunrise alarm because it does all the basics as well as better than sunrise alarm clocks that cost several times as much. If Dad has a hard time falling asleep or waking in the morning, a sunrise clock can be a lifesaver.

The heads follow the shape of Dad's face. He can use it in the shower since it is water resistant. If he isn't all-in on the completely clean-shaven look, it comes with an attachment to trim up the edges of his beard.

There are audio and music deals.

There is a picture of Sonos.

The Roam is a small speaker that can produce a big sound. That's part of the reason it got a strong recommendation in our review. It offers more than just a pair of hands. It's part of the speaker's appeal that it's the cheapest way to use it.

If you're looking for a high-quality electric guitar that's a step up from the entry-level axes but won't break the bank, I recommend the Player series. The model has a maple neck and fretboard and three single coil pickups.

For workouts and active activities, the Beats Fit Pro is a better choice than the AirPods. The headphones are the best for everyday use because of their secure in- ear fit and excellent sound quality.

He says the best wireless headphones he's ever used are the Apple AirPods Max. Their sound and build quality earned them an 8 out of 10.

There are deals with screens.

The picture was taken on Facebook.

The Go Portal has a 10-inch screen and can double as a speaker, but it's the smart camera that makes it look like there's a personal camera crew at work.

Touch ID and a powerful A15 processor are included in the iPad Mini. If Dad likes to browse on a tablets on the couch or in bed but doesn't want the 11-inch display of the iPad Air, the Mini is the best option.

The three-lens starter kit is less expensive than the two-lens kit, so you should get the extra lens. Dad can use the case that comes with the kit to mount all three of the cameras. You can choose from a wide range of lens types.

There are outdoor and kitchen deals.

There is a photograph of Weber.

TheSpirit II is our favorite gas grill because it is easy to adjust. The porcelain-coated cast iron grill grate makes up for the small size and lack of a side burner.

The New Wayfarer is perfect for dads who might think the original is too large. Pop can have all the style in a sleek package with the New Wayfarer.

If Dad is the kind of man who wakes up and heads straight for coffee or tea, then this digital kettle is for him. If your pop is into making pour-over coffee, you can use the gooseneck design.

There is a photograph of propella.

The WIRED recommends the 7S because of its quality components and low cost. It is lightweight at 37 pounds, has seven mechanical gears, and has a range of 20 to 40 miles per charge. Free shipping will be thrown in through June 20.

A laundry list of capabilities is offered by the Foodi for when Dad just needs a push-button cooker that he can set and forget. The Instant Pot competitor does a lot of things.

Scott Gilbertson likes the Gevi because it can reach 15 bars of pressure and is made mostly of metal. At a budget price, it does all of that.

The more affordable version can go for up to 40 miles on a charge and has a top speed of 38 mph. When a bicycle takes up too much space in storage, the foldable Phantom V2 can be taken into the office or home.

There are pages for Father's Day retailers.

Here are the full sale pages from some retailers. We wish you good fortune.

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