The leaders of France, Germany and Italy showed their support for Ukraine by arriving in the country on Thursday.

Draghi, Macron And Scholz Visit Kyiv

The prime minister of Italy, the president of France, and the chancellor of Germany are on a train.

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The leaders of France, Germany, and Italy arrived in the Ukrainian capital on Thursday for the first time since Russia attacked.

The leaders traveled in an overnight train from Poland to Ukranian, where they were joined by the president of Romania.

The visit is an important moment and marks a message of European unity towards Ukrainians, according to the president.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is expected to meet with the trio and visit sites of Russian attacks.


They visited Irpin.

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Germany, France and Italy are the three largest economic powers in the European Union and among the wealthiest in the world. Many world leaders have visited Ukraine during the war, including the U.K.'s Boris Johnson, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, Canada's Justin Trudeau and from Poland, Slovenia and the Czech Republic. France and Germany have been criticized by Zelensky and other Ukrainian officials for their continued engagement with Russia.

What To Watch For

The EU is a member. The bloc's leaders are set to discuss Ukraine's candidacy at a meeting next week, as the country pushes for quicker admission to the EU. It is not guaranteed that the bloc will agree to acknowledge Ukraine as an official candidate country. It can take years or even decades to become a candidate. Turkey and North Macedonia have been official candidates since 1999 and 2005, respectively, and Bosnia has been discussing candidacy since 2000.

Ukraine war - Chancellor Scholz in Ukraine

A group of people, including the president of Romania, walk past a destroyed building.

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Crucial Quote

How to put an end to the war and how to turn a new page for Ukraine are two important questions for the European leaders to ask, according to the deputy prime minister. She described the meeting as historical and one that will either pave the way to a stronger Europe or to a stronger Ukranian.

Big Number

Billions of dollars. The U.S. will send more military aid to Ukraine on Wednesday. Heavy weapons and bullets are included. Since Russia invaded, the U.S. has given over $5 billion in military aid to the Ukrainians.

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The longshot bid to join the EU is likely to anger Putin.

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