Users will be able to store their digital keys, boarding passes, identification cards, and more in one location with the launch of theSamsung wallet. The company says that it has created a platform that combines two payment methods into one. At the Unpacked event, the mobile wallet was teased.

Users in the United States, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy and Spain will be able to open the SAMSUNG Pay or SAMSUNG Pass app to migrate to the new SAMSUNG wallet on their eligible SAMSUNG Pay-enabled phones.

Users will be able to quickly access their payment cards, loyalty cards, memberships cards and more with the new wallet from SAMSUNG. Users can check the value of their digital asset portfolio by using it. The company notes that there is a feature in the wallet that allows users to log into services with their fingerprints.

Important documentation can be stored in the mobile wallet. Mobile driver's licenses and student IDs will be supported later this year by the SAMSUNG wallet.

Samsung Wallet

The image is from SAMSUNG.

Digital automobile keys are supported on BMW, Genesis, andHyundai models. Users will be able to lock andunlock their cars, start engines, and more with the integration. The BMW 1-8 Series, X5 M, X6, X6 M, X7, Z4, iX3, iX and i4 models are some of the models that have theFunctionality available. The Genesis GV60 and G90 models were launched in September and December of 2016 respectively.

Users can also store their boarding passes in their wallet. Users won't be able to add boarding passes from other airlines until later.

The company says that the wallet is protected by a third party. There are safeguards to protect users' data. In order to protect against digital and physical hacking, certain sensitive key items in the wallet are stored in an isolated environment.

According to a statement, the executive vice president and head of digital life at SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS said that the SAMSUNG wallet is bringing a new level of everyday convenience to mobile devices with a safe and secure environment for storing digital keys, cards and more We will work closely with our trusted partners and developers to expand the capabilities of the wallet.

The Apple Wallet allows users to store payment information and personal data, as well as vaccination records, in addition to the payment information that is contained in the wallet. Users in Arizona and Maryland are the first to be able to store their mobile driver's licenses and state IDs in the Apple wallet app. Apple wallet doesn't currently allow users to storecription information

Users will be able to store things like credit cards, loyalty cards, digital IDs, transit passes, concert tickets, vaccination cards and more with the new app that will be available on the Wear OS.