The Sonos Roam, a small speaker with plenty of sound, is on sale for $143.20 at Best Buy.
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Are you panicked because you haven't picked up your dad something special for Father's Day? We have your back, so don't fret. We did a bit of digging and found a lot of great gadgets that you can still order today and get for Father's Day. You don't have to pay extra for expedited shipping at places like Best Buy, Target, or Walmart if you're not an Amazon Prime member.

If you can't decide what to get your dad on Father's Day, be sure to check out our gift guide. We have a list of digital gifts that you can buy on Father's Day if you can't decide on a gift. It is an option and we wouldn't recommend it.

The small Sonos Roam is one of our favorite portable Bluetooth speakers.
Photo by Chris Welch / The Verge

A few gifts that (should) arrive on time

This summer, Dad will appreciate a portable speaker like the Sonos Roam. He won't need to worry if the speaker gets wet, because it has an IP67 dust and water resistance rating, and it has great sound that makes it one of the bestBluetooth speakers out there. It integrates nicely with other speakers in the company's network and has a number of useful features. If you buy the Roam at Best Buy you can get it in time for the holiday. We recommend you to read our review.

The Sonos Roam is a portable speaker that is built to endure the elements. It has wireless charging and supports a number of electronic devices.

Dad will be able to take a whole library of books with him wherever he goes if he buys the base Kindle. The competent e-reader has a front light that he can use when it gets dark, as well as support for headphones so he can listen to audiobook. If you're looking for a more budget-friendly gift, the 2019 Kindle is a good buy because it doesn't have as high of a resolution nor is it as feature rich as the latest models. Right now, the ad-supported model is on sale for $59.99 at Best Buy and Amazon, instead of the regular price of $899.99. You can buy the ad-free version on Amazon for $74.99, which is $35 off the regular price. You can read our review of the e-reading device.

The cheapest e-reader on the market now has a front light. The new tablet is a little more comfortable to hold than the previous one.

  • $60 at Amazon
  • $60 at Best Buy

If you have enough money to spare, you should be able to get the latest Kindle Paperwhite before Father's Day. The 6.8-inch e-reader has a long battery life, a bigger and easier to read display, and a charging port. The ad-supported model can be purchased at Best Buy for $139.99. Only Prime members will be able to get it in time for the holidays. You can read our review of the paperwhite.

There is a 6.8-inch E Ink display with a temperature that can be adjusted for nighttime reading. It has a faster processor, additional battery life, IPX8 waterproof, and ausb-c port, among other things.

  • $140 at Best Buy
  • $140 at Amazon

Buying a Theragun Mini is a better investment than giving Dad a massage at the spa. The massager is so small that he could carry it wherever he wanted. The massage gun has three speeds that allow for a wide range of soft tissue work. It is possible to get it in time for Father's Day with free shipping from Best Buy at a reduced price. You can get the massage gun for the same price if you are a Prime member.

The Theragun Mini is a small, portable massage device that provides relief for muscle pain and melting away tension.

  • $159 at Amazon
  • $160 at Best Buy

Your dad can enjoy all of his favorite shows and movies with the Streaming Stick 4K. The interface of the device makes it easy for Dad to use it. Other niceties include compatibility with Amazon, and the ability to watch 4K content. Thanks to its support for Apple's AirPlay 2, your dad will be able to cast content to the streaming stick from an iPad.

The Streaming Stick 4K is currently on sale at Best Buy. Just in time for Father's Day, you can get it for the same price as a Prime member. We recommend you to read our review.

All of the major streaming services are supported by the Streaming Stick 4k. It's compatible with all of the voice assistants.

  • $39 at Amazon
  • $40 at Best Buy

Bose's QuietComfort Earbuds offer some of the best noise cancellation yet in a pair of earbuds, which makes them a great gift for your dad. A boon for dads who tend to talk on the phone while out and about is the true wireless earbuds. Dad can use the app to adjust the noise cancellation levels, and they also offer support for wireless charging. If you buy the earbuds at Best Buy and Amazon for $199, you'll get them on Sunday. You will need to be a Prime subscriber in order to get them. We recommend you to read our review.

If you want to listen to your music in peace, the Bose QuietComfort Earbuds are a great choice.

  • $199 at Best Buy
  • $199 at Amazon

The Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pro are on sale for just $69.99 at Best Buy. They won't completely tune out the world, but they will still silence sounds in Dad's environment. They have a wireless charging case and a variety of ear tips that allow for a more comfortable fit. Only Prime members will receive them in time for the holiday, if you prefer a different retailer. The Liberty Air 2 Pro review is available.

The Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pro earbuds provide decent active noise cancellation at a competitive price, with app features that allow you to personalize the ANC and ensure you have the ideal fit in your ears.

  • $70 at Best Buy
  • $70 at Amazon
It may lack an always-on display, but the Apple Watch SE is still a fantastic smartwatch that shares a number of features with newer models.
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Dads can use the Apple watch to track their fitness goals. It lacks the always-on display, the EKG sensor, and the SpO2 sensor found on the Apple Watch Series 7, but it still offers a similar design and advanced features. You can get the 41mm version with free shipping at Best Buy. If you are an Amazon Prime member, you can get the Wearable for less than $200 and get it in time for the holidays. We recommend you to read our review.

The Apple Watch SE is a step up from the Series 3 in terms of features and design.

  • $229 at Amazon
  • $249 at Best Buy


How to choose which Apple Watch to buy

If Dad is the kind of person who misplaces his car keys, backpack, and other items, a tracker like the most recent tile mate can help him keep an eye on his things. He can attach the device to his belongings with a built-in hole, unlike Apple, which only allows him to attach the device to certain items. Water resistance is one of the perks of the tracker. If you buy the tile mate at Target or Walmart, you can get it in time for Father's day.

The tile mate is still the same but it has a softer, more rounded design that makes it more durable.

  • $20 at Target
  • $25 at Walmart

If Dad doesn't own a smart display, why not buy a second-gen one from Amazon. He will be able to use it to watch TV shows, control his smart home devices, and make calls with the help of a new camera. You can get it in time for the holiday for just $99.99 at Best Buy. Only Prime members will be able to get the smart display before Sunday. The second-gen echo show 8 review is available.

The weather, news, calendars, grocery lists, and more can be displayed on the mid-sized smart display in the Echo Show 8. It can also be used to control your smart home devices. Video calls can be made via Amazon's voice service, as well as via zoom.

  • $100 at Amazon
  • $100 at Best Buy

Last-minute digital gifts you can buy on short notice

A Nintendo Switch Online subscription is a good last-minute digital gift for Dads who own Nintendo’s hybrid console.
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If you waited until the last minute to buy your Dad a gift, you will be in good shape. There are a variety of digital gifts that he will surely appreciate, even if he doesn't own a console.

You can get a three-month subscription to the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate from Microsoft, Amazon, or Best Buy right now. Dad will be granted access to more than 100 games, exclusive deals, and other perks if he joins the membership. You can purchase similar subscriptions for the Nintendo Switch and the PS4. If Dad doesn't know what console he likes, you could give him a gift card to buy a game or accessory.

You can play more than 100 games on multiple devices with the Game Pass Ultimate.

  • $40 at Amazon
  • $40 at Best Buy

PS4 and PS5 owners can take advantage of discounts on the PS Store with a PS Plus essential membership. The best selection of PS4 titles can be found in the PS Plus collection.

A premium online service for Nintendo Switch owners allows you to play online with friends and access cloud saves in addition to a slate of retro games.

  • $19 at Amazon
  • $35 at Best Buy
Gamestop tablet mockup

Father's Day gift cards from GameStop start at $25 and can be used to purchase a variety of electronics and games.

  • $25 at Amazon
  • $25 at GameStop

You can buy online a range of fitness class memberships and meditation app subscriptions. If you want to give your dad access to thousands of fitness classes, you can purchase a subscription to the Peloton app. Boxing and strength training are some of the workouts covered in these on-demand classes. If you buy a three-month membership through June 30th, you'll get a discount on the regular price.

Thousands of fitness classes revolving around a variety of different workouts are offered by Peloton.

Dads in need of some relaxation will appreciate a meditation subscription. If you buy your dad a one-year subscription to either of the two, he'll get a variety of guided meditations to help relieve stress. If you want to give your dad a trial of sorts, you can purchase a couple of months of Headspace for just $12 a month.

Headspace has hundreds of guided meditations that are meant to relieve stress and improve productivity. You can either pay a monthly fee or a yearly fee.

You will be able to enjoy guided and unguided meditations that cover sleep, stress, gratitude, and other topics with a one-year Calm membership. There is a one-year subscription.

Airbnb - Split Stays
Help Dad plan a vacation with an Airbnb gift card.
Image: Airbnb

A travel related gift card is a good present when people are on vacation again. There are gift cards you can buy for Dads to take a break from work. You can purchase a gift card to help him pay for his flights or accommodations.

Dad can use the gift cards to pay for his stay wherever he wants.

  • $50 at Amazon
  • $50 at Airbnb


Airbnb’s Summer 2022 redesign adds new Categories and Split Stays

If your dad is a bibliophilic person, a monthly subscription to will allow him to listen to over 100,000 audiobooks. A portion of each purchase will go to a local bookstore. If your dad is a fan of digital books, you can buy him a membership to the Amazon Prime service, which gives him access to more than two million books. It's a good time to do so since Amazon is currently offering the first two months for less than the regular price.

Your dad can choose from over 250,000 audiobooks and donate a portion of what he spends toward a local bookstore of his choice if he subscribes to

For $9.99 per month, you can get access to two million eBooks.

With a Disney Plus bundle, Dad can watch recent hits like Ms. Marvel.
Image: Marvel Studios

Most Dads will dig a gift card for a streaming service. There are a lot of great streaming services out there, but the Disney bundle is a good value. Your dad will be able to keep up with his favorite sports teams, recent hits, and a host of other shows because of it. If he wants to watch the new season of the show, he can subscribe to the streaming service.

FuboTV Pro is a good option for Dads who want more sports content, as it offers more than 100 channels with live and on-demand sports, as well as cloud-based recording and 4k options.

If you purchase each subscription separately, it will cost you more, but you will get access to Disney Plus, which is less expensive.

Individual subscriptions for $10 per month are offered by the well-known streaming service.

  • $30 at Netflix
  • $30 at Best Buy

More than 100 channels with live and on-demand sports, as well as cloud-based recording and 4K options, are offered by FuboTV Pro.

A gift card to their favorite music streaming service is always a good gift for fathers who like to listen to music while running. It's hard to go wrong with any of the services, but it's hard to go wrong with Apple Music. Dad can use the Apple gift card to purchase other Apple products and services, but he can't use it for music.

A gift card from Apple can be used to access over 90 million songs on Apple Music.

  • $25 at Best Buy
  • $25 at Target

You can't decide what to buy your father. It might be cliche, but you can save yourself a lot of headaches by giving your dad a gift card to either Amazon or Best Buy. He will be able to buy whatever he wants with a gift card.

Amazon gift cards are available in denominations of $25 or more and can be used for almost anything.

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