Sonos speakers pile up inside a customer’s apartment.

A couple of days ago, The Verge reported on a strange glitch that caused Sonos to ship customers more items than they ordered. We were recently contacted by a customer who has had a much more extreme experience than most of our customers.

As a quick recap, all of this emerged after two users contacted The Verge about this issue earlier this week and pointed us to a Reddit thread with users who had the same experience of ordering one or two speakers and getting several in return. A system update resulted in some orders being processed multiple times and customers getting over charged, according to an email sent to customers.

$15,000 worth of products showed up at his apartment

A customer who asked to remain anonymous was met with a flood of shipments that have turned his apartment into a small Sonos warehouse after purchasing a bunch of products. About 30 different shipments show up at his apartment building after he received 30 different items from Sonos.

Like the other customers, he is being charged for extra items and will not get a full refund until he returns everything. The customer said he used a discount code to purchase the products, but that still adds up to over $6,000 in extra fees.

Users will be able to schedule a pickup using the carrier of their choice. The customer we spoke to said that the company initially wanted him to print out the pre-paid labels and then take the truckload of unordered items to a local store. The customer didn't realize the customer needed to have 30 packages picked up and the worker only took one box.

The customer is leaving some shipments in his apartment building’s lobby.

The customer told us that this whole situation is damaging his relationship with his property managers. The customer has received so many boxes that he can no longer fit them into his apartment so he is leaving the deliveries in the lobby. The property managers are being patient but not happy with the boxes in the lobby.

The deliveries have stopped, but he is still left with a lot of boxes. He told us he was passed around daily by new reps who promised he would get a call or an update.

He wasn't offered anything for the hassle of converting his apartment into a storage unit, besides the free shipping labels used to fix the problem.

Sonos didn't say anything.