Russia is controlling mobile connections. There has been a new mobile company in Kherson recently. There are images of blank sim cards. The Russian +7 prefix appears to be used at the start of a number on the mobile network. Crowds of people gather to collect their sim cards in videos. The Russian forces realize they're at a disadvantage if they use Ukrainian mobile networks. Two mobile operators in Luhansk have expanded their territory to include areas that have recently been occupied.

The internet's control is important. China, North Korea, and Russia are a few authoritarian nations that severely restrict what people can see on the internet.

Russia has a system of internet censorship that has grown in recent years as the country tries to implement a project that will cut off internet access to the rest of the world. SORM can be used to read people's emails, intercept text messages, and surveil other communications.

Malon says that Russian networks are completely controlled by the Russian authorities. Malon says that the rerouting of the internet in occupied Ukrainian areas is intended to spread Russian propaganda and make people believe that Ukrainian forces have left them. The news about the progress of the Ukrainian army will encourage resistance in the Kherson region.

Miranda Media is the operator that appeared in the region after it was annexed by the Russian government. The Russian Ministry of Defense is listed as a partner on the website. The company did not reply.

In many ways, it may be an example of what will happen in the future. The peninsula was completely disconnected from the traffic of the Ukranian people. Ksenia Ermoshina is an assistant research professor at the Center for Internet and Society and is affiliated with the Citizen Lab. The research was published in January of last year.

Russian authorities created new internet cables to connect with Russia after annexing the peninsula. Three years is a long time to complete a process like this. Russia has continued to develop internet control systems. The power of the Russian censors changed over the course of two years. The strength of Russian propaganda scares me.

According to Olena Lennon, a Ukrainian political science and national security adjunct professor at the University of New Haven, rerouting the internet in Kherson is seen by Russian authorities as a key step in legitimating the occupation. Future conflicts could be a result of the moves.

Russian officials have started giving out Russian passports after internet rerouting. A Russian bank will be opening in Kherson, according to officials. The region has been moved to Moscow. There are many steps that are similar to what happened in Luhansk. Lennon says that controlling the internet is a core part of Russia's plan. Plans are being made for a long-term occupation.