The English are playing a game.

English cricket has been resuscitated by the two weeks that coach and captain have been in charge of the Test team.

The 17,000 people who bought tickets for the second Test against New Zealand had a good feeling.

They were more likely to catch the ball than any of the New Zealand fielders.

The numbers of England's win are astounding.

The chase took 50 overs and was England's fifth-fastest of all time. The second highest number of runs scored in a Test in England and the most boundaries hit in a Test are some of the highlights.

Bairstow is a black cap. England's fastest Test ton was 120 years ago. Bairstow scored 93 runs with 10 fours and seven sixes when he was out of the game. He shouldn't have been allowed to play with the ball.

It was about falling back in love with an England team that have been hard to like.

England declined a final day target of 273 against the same opponents at Lord's.

It was not part of the World Test Championship and the conditions were different to Trent Bridge.

England committed to the chase as if their lives depended on it after learning that a bore draw would ensure they wouldn't lose the series.

"Simply, I'll say it that way." We were either winning or losing the game.

The message was run into the fear of where the game was and not to stand still or back away from it.

We were told it was coming as well. He said that England needs to be strong, competitive and playing a watchable style of cricket when he showed up at Lord's. It is in a lot of trouble if not.

The only people who can change the direction of Test cricket are England.

England turned the New Zealander's words into actions as he sat on the Trent Bridge balcony.

The man who holds the record for the fastest hundred in Test cricket is still alive and well. Joe Root, the most complete batter England have ever produced, reversed-scooped the second ball he faced on day four.

England got funky when they couldn't make things happen. Are you talking about the top of the stump? It's not a chance. In the middle of the pitch, New Zealand fell for it.

The players that have been backed have delivered. When Pope was asked to bat at number three, eyebrows were raised. Pope responded with a hundred here, even though he didn't bat at the batting position.

Ben Foakes may have come under pressure from Buttler's form, only for Ben to say that he is the best keeper in the world.

Foakes was in the middle at the end of both of England's wins.

There has been change on the field. The dressing room is only open to those with a reason to be there.

It is possible that key moments of fortune have gone England's way. They were close to losing the first Test at Lord's, and all of Alex Lees, Pope andRoot benefited from crucial drops. You make your own decisions.

There are still issues to be solved. ZakCrawley has developed a habit of edging any ball that is thrown to him and Jack Leach did not hold an end at Trent Bridge.

England have a tail longer than a diplodocus because of Stuart Broad's batting at number eight.

Sometimes running into the fire will cause England to be burned. Their failures could be as great as their successes.

Maybe there will be times when the two of them have to find a new rhythm. It's not always possible to play everything as loud as possible. The session was just as good as the one on theNevermind album.

At the moment, it's not something that Stokes is entertaining.

We are going to be more positive. I'm not sure how, but we'll try.

The sky may be the limit, but we can go further. I don't know with this group of players.

There is a new place called "Bozball." Welcome to it. You should enjoy the ride.

  • Brilliant Bairstow leads England to astonishing win