Herschel Walker said in an interview that his most impressive accomplishment is being a good father, even though he had to pay financial support for his estranged child.

The mother of the child is a graduate student at the university. Mr. Walker has decided not to take full financial responsibility for the care of his alleged son. With the filing of the petition, we hope that Mr. Walker will finally acknowledge his support obligations.

The petition states that Walker had a relationship with the mother of his child. The child was born after they separated.

The Georgian GOP candidate for Senate made no mention of his other child in campaign events or on his official website, sparking rumors that he was hiding his relationship with his son.

He had a child when he was not married. The child has been supported by him. He is proud of his kids. Scott Paradise, Walker's campaign manager, said that the suggestion that Herschel is hiding the child because he hasn't used him in his campaign is offensive and absurd.

If you have a child with a woman, even if you have to leave that woman, you don't leave, Walker said in an interview.

Although Walker sends holiday and birthday presents to his second son, he has not been involved in parenting and has not spoken with his half-brother.

Walker apologized to the African-American community because the fatherless home is a big problem.

Walker's campaign did not reply.