The first flight of the next-gen Starship rocket will be in July, according to Musk.

Shortly after the FAA released a long-awaited environmental assessment that said SpaceX could launch flights from its Starbase facility in Boca Chica, Texas, as long as it completes a number of tasks designed to mitigate the impact of launches on the local area, Musk posted the news on his verified account

In the coming weeks, the FAA will give the go-ahead for the launch of the Starship.

The spaceship will be ready to fly next month according to Musk.

Starship will be ready to fly next month. I was in the high bay & mega bay late last night reviewing progress.

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) June 14, 2022

He said that a second rocket will be ready to fly in August and then every month thereafter.

The first and second stages of the rocket are called Super Heavy. One day, astronauts and supplies will be carried to the moon and possibly to Mars by the most powerful rocket ever built.

The second stage of the spaceship was tested on high altitude flights. The Super Heavy is still not flying.

The first launch of the Super Heavy is expected to be spectacular as the engines blow the vehicle skyward. The Super Heavy will be separated from the Starship just three minutes into the flight.

NASA will be able to use a modified version of the Starship to land the first woman and first person of color on the lunar surface after successful testing of the spaceship.

It is possible that the vehicle could be used to carry supplies to the moon.

A crewed outpost on the moon would help NASA figure out what it needs to do to get humans to Mars, according to NASA chief Bill Nelson.

Nelson said that it was possible to survive on the moon and only be a few days away from Earth before venturing out. We go back to the moon to learn how to live there.

The first astronauts will go to Mars in the late 20s.

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