Kayla and Ellie, trapped inside a upside-down yellow car, peer out the window at a giant dinosaur.

If you saw the movie this past weekend, I apologize. If you haven't already, please allow me to save you some time by answering all the questions you could possibly have about the final film in the trilogy, including whether you should watch it or not. The short version is "no."

You wrote that you were looking forward to the third movie in the series, which should be a post-dinosaur apocalypse movie. Do you think the company lived up to your expectations?

It isn't about a post-dinosaur apocalypse world.

What is it about?

The Locusts are mostly. The little girl from Fallen Kingdom was cloned. Most of the time, it's mostly Locusts.

Is that what? There is a movie about dinosaurs. Dinosaurs were seen in the trailers.

There are definitely dinosaurs. It doesn't matter. People are sometimes chased by them. Idiots bring them to places where they will kill a bunch of people if they are freed and then the dinosaurs will kill a bunch of people. The most unnecessary part of Fallen Kingdom is the clone of the daughter of Sir Benjamin Lockwood, a guy that no one mentioned until the last movie.

Hmm? I don't know if I recall a little girl clone. She was chased by dinosaurs for a while.

Correct, that's correct. She is the most important person in the world right now.

She is a clone.

She has a genetic code that can stop the Locusts.

Is that possible?

The movie and I don't know what to think. It has something to do with her being the key to solving all illnesses forever, but we don't know that until the end of the movie.

Owen (Chris Pratt) does the hand thing.

Do you know what is going on with the company?

Let's start the scene. Dinosaurs are found all over the world. Some people are selling them on the black market while others are illegally breeding them. Dinosaurs have only killed 37 people in the year 2020.

There couldn't have been more than 100 dinosaurs in Fallen Kingdom.

They have spread all over the world. Doesn't matter because of the Locusts.

Laura Dern reprises her role as Dr.Ellie Sattler in the movie because they are giant and eat all of America's crops. The crops not using with Biosyn seeds is the franchise's newest mega corporation.

You should not pretend that a giant corporation in a movie isn't bad.

I won't It's in its name. The company is willing to destroy the world's food supply in order to make money. The company is the most evil in the movie. It is an evil company's stupidEST plan in a movie.

Did they think no one would notice that the only crops spared by the Locusts were from BioSyn?

It seems that apparently not. Sattler enlisted her friend and co-star Dr. Alan Grant to help her find out if the company is behind the Locusts. Her plan was to find and collect a sample of the Locusts while Grant was present.

Owen and Barry Sembene (Omar Sy) do the hand thing.

Take a second.

Holding onto something.

Sattler's "proof" is that her former lover, and not an impartial third party, saw her get a sample from a Locust at BioSyn.


That isn't smart.

This plot doesn't matter. The other plotline follows World's Owen Grady andClaire Dearing, who live in the woods with a teenaged and increasingly surly clone of themselves, and are now holding her against her will.

We shouldn't root for evil corporations to experiment on teenage girls, but "solving all illnesses forever" seems like a good cause.

Lewis Dodgson is the CEO of BioSyn. He just wants her for some reason. Henry Wong, who was evil in the last two World movies, wants Maisie because he feels bad that he bio engineered a bunch of mega-locusts that are going to cause a lot of people to starve. Goons captured Maisie and Blue the velociraptor's baby, and then Owen andClaire chased after them.

Do you think the Owen/Claire storyline is good?

The Park crew has an advantage over it. Owen frees a lot of dinosaurs as a distraction and the dinosaurs chase him through the city and kill a lot of Maltese citizens after he leaves.

I think that is something.

The whole Malta section of the movie is meaningless since Owen, Claire, and new character/pilot, DeWanda Wise, have to go to BioSyn headquarters, and its protected dinosaur reserve, to get Maisie.

There is a reserve.

I agree.

It sounds like it's a park.

It looks like a park. The two generations ofJurassic stars come together when Owen, Claire, Sattler, Grant, and Goldblum run and hide from thousands of dinosaurs.

They ran and hid from dinosaurs at the same time.

It's true.

Claire Dearing (Bryce Dallas Howard) does the hand thing to a fusebox.

The evil corporation created a big, dumb, extra-deadly dinosaur.

I would like your pardon.

They made up two deadly dinosaurs for the "hero" dinosaurs to fight in the movies.

The Indominus Rex, created to be even smarter and deadlier than a velociraptor, was one of the attractions at the park, but it also had the ability to be a predator.

I agree.

There is not a single one. The giant Locusts seem to take the place of a genetically engineered monster, especially when they are set on fire and escape into the sky so they can fall like flaming meteors.

Jesus Christ.

The real Giganotosaurus is bigger in the movie than in real life, but it's still the villain. Thankfully, the Heroic. T.Rex and Therizinosaurus team up to tag-team the otherosaurus. The T.Rex and Therizinosaurus got along well.

You're not right.

They don't try to eat each other, which is what you would think would happen in a movie about dinosaurs. The moral of the movie is that all the dinosaurs wanted was friends.

Alan Grant (Sam Neill) and Maisie (Isabella Sermon) do the hand thing while Owen doesn’t,

What do you mean by green earth?

The movie ends with a narration about how we all need to learn to co-exist with each other after we are told that the Locusts will eventually be taken care of. There's a lot of video.

I don't think you're right.

Birds and pterodactyls are flying. There are whales and dinosaurs in the sea. Elephants and triceratops are walking. I don't remember horses and dinosaurs on the plains.

I don't have anything to say.

That's okay. I have seen stupid things in movies in the last five years. Not eating or being eaten is what predator and prey are like. They are friends. Dinosaurs have learned how to coexist. Is it possible that humans can't?

It's really bad. This all sounds bad, but is the movie worth watching?

I don't know if that's true. Are you a fan of the movies?

I agree.

Don't watch it. Are you a fan of dinosaurs?

Yes, definitely.

Don't watch it. Are you a big fan of Locusts?

Absolutely not.

That is a pity. Are you a fan of seeing a 50-year-old paleobotanist work as a corporate spy?

I'm okay with it.

If you want to see dinosaurs in action, watch any of the other films. There are a shocking number of huge dinosaurs that sneak up on the main characters for maximum tension in the film. There isn't much of it.

It is a shame.

You are telling me something. Watching a movie about a world where people had to adapt to the resurrection of dinosaurs would be cool, but that idea has never been adequately explored. The movie stays in the park after the chase scene in Malta.

They might make a sequel.

The film has made $400 million since it was released, so it is not out of the realm of possibility. If a sequel is made, dinosaurs and animals should be best friends, and all illnesses have been cured thanks to the genius of the clone girl, and it landed in a neighboring ballpark.

Do you know anything?

It is not possible to say yes. It isn't deserving of being told.

That could be used to apply to the entire movie.

I don't own your words.

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