The water began to pour from the upper deck into the lower deck while British Airways was in the air. A crew member tried to control the water flow while the aircraft continued for a safe landing.

The cabin crew rushed to get towels and blankets so they wouldn't get wet. The crew members kept trying to control the flow while some of them cleaned the floors.

The stairs leading from the First class cabin to the Club World seats were drenched by the water in the video.

The crew members tried to get the water out of the water tank. The plane was covered in hundreds of liters of water.

A faulty valve on the internal clean water supply tank was the cause of the incident, according to an airline spokesman. As safety was not compromised, a diversion was not needed.

“While there was no safety issue at any point, the area was quickly isolated and the flight continued as planned.”

British Airways spokesperson

The flight was not for nervous flyers according to a British Airways employee. The employee further stated.

There isn't an inflight waterfall at BA. It looked similar to British Waterways. There was a leak at the end of the transAtlantic crossing.

There were a few people who said their Hail Marys, but the staff was professional.

British Airways To Bring Back Entire A380 Fleet

The British Airways brought five A380s back into service in early 2022, initially on short haul European routes for pilot training.

In a recent announcement, the carrier confirmed that it will bring its entire A380 fleet back into service, with the airline planning to use its jumbo jets on a number of key U.S. routes.

British Airways will increase the number of A380 flights from August to accommodate the high travel demand for the rest of the year.

The feature image is from unconfirmed sources.

From the A380 Cockpit: Learning to Fly a Behemoth

The A380 is the biggest airliner in the world and must be considered the epitome of a pilot's career. I posed this question to the two A380 training captains. They said yes at the beginning.

It was in the A380.

LATAM Airbus A320 Lands With Nose Gear Rotated by 90 Degrees

There was an emergency landing at the Jose Maria Cordova International Airport on March 29th, with the nose gear locked. The registration CC-BAS was on the A320-200 that was climbing out of the runway at Medellin.

In A320.

British Airways B747 Flight

British Airways took to the sky for the last time on December 11. The BOAC Gold Speedbird retro livery, registration G-BYGC, flew from the airport to the business park to be preserved. I went all the way.

It was in "747".