Log off, already.

Everyone has a place to say their opinion on everything. It doesn't mean you always need to. Some things are better left unsaid. Draymond Green was not a fan of his performance in the fourth game of the NBA finals.

It's man F that. The Warriors signed me to a 10-day contract. I can put up better numbers in a shorter period of time.

The NBA/NFL community didn't like the bashing of Green. Green has been a vital part of a team that has played in six NBA Finals in eight years. Draymond has three rings and is a defensive player of the year.

The organization that has barely made the playoffs in four of the last eight years is where he is playing. The Cowboys were eliminated in the playoffs by the 49ers. He may still be bitter over that.

Sometimes you have to read the room in order to have your opinion. Green has had worse NBA Finals games than other players. In 1981 Larry Bird played in the Finals for the first time. During the 1984 Finals against the Boston Celtics, Magic Johnson was called "tragic" for his mistakes. The Mavericks defeated the James in the finals.

I don't think it would be easy for him to start playing basketball on an NBA court. Even though he has some basketball in his background, hooping in the NBA is a different experience. I hope this is a joke, and not a delusional one.

If he is serious about testing his skills against professional ballers, he could have his people call up any NBA team and give him a chance to play. He would need to back it up. Could he make the team? He is in the same town, so why not keep talking? Maybe Draymond could cut it in the NBA, but he has reached a new low.

Nobody on the Cowboys should feel like they can throw shade at any other pro athlete of a champion organization. Someone playing for the Cowboys would have better self-awareness if they dropped a bomb on social media. The last time Dallas made it past the divisional round of the playoffs was when Bill Clinton was president.