mississippi bbq
The Pig & Pint in Jackson, Mississippi, is famous for its barbecue.The Pig & Pint/Yelp
  • Road trips allow you to visit new places and check out the best places to stay.

  • Popular "road trip" restaurants and restaurants are located by the main highways.

  • These are some of the best road trip food stops.

There is a kitchen in Alabama.

saws soul kitchen
Saw's Soul Kitchen.Richard W./Yelp

"My mom and I were on a road trip and decided to eat dinner here after reading the reviews."

You can learn more about the kitchen here.

The Turn Again Arm Pit is in Indian.

turnagain arm pit
Turnagain Arm Pit.Ronald M./Yelp

We headed back up the highway after leaving the wildlife center. It would be nice if we could find a place to eat on the side of the road. The BBQ came into view. Ronald M. wrote that it didn't take them long to realize that it was what they had been looking for.

You can learn more about Turnagain Arm Pit.

Satchmo's is in the state of Arizona.


We stopped here on the road trip because it was on the list of places that checked all the boxes. The staff is friendly and helpful, and the food is amazing. The pulled pork sandwich, the brisket sandwich, and the shrimp po-boy were included in our order. There is a beer on draft. The place is delicious. Christine M said she wished she lived closer.

Here, you can learn more about Satchmo's.

There is a cafe in Arkansas.

the root cafe
The Root Cafe.Samantha L./Yelp

There is a cute restaurant in Little Rock. On a long road trip, a restaurant came out and delivered food to the car because of carbon dioxide. The people were nice and the food was good.

You can learn more about the cafe here.

There are yakis on the 5 in California.

Yaks on the 5.Jan T./Yelp

The wings were topnotch and the garlic burger was amazing. The tater tots were so good, I had to write a review.

You can learn more about the 5 on this page.

The Westbound and Down Brewery is located in Idaho Springs.

Westbound & Down Brewery.Mandy L./Yelp

If you're ever in Idaho Springs, go to Westbound and down. The owner was super friendly and we ate there three times in a week. After we paid, we asked if I got my military discount, made sure to give it to me, and gave me a coin. Whenever I return to Colorado, this is a stop. Kyle L. wrote a letter of thanks for his excellent service and food.

You can learn more about the brewery here.

There is a pizzeria in New Haven, Connecticut.

Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana.Ga Young L / Yelp

The pizzas are thin and not perfect but that is part of the charm. There is only one downside. The place will open on the weekends and holidays. If you call in the pizza for pickup, you can eat it outside on a nice day. It's perfect for road trips up I-95.

You can learn more about the pizzeria here.

There is a deli in Delaware.

Marlena's Mediterranean Deli.Marilyn D./Yelp

The staff is really nice. "This is a great, quick road trip stop as it's convenient and fast," wrote a user.

You can learn more about Marlena's Deli.

There is a Cubano's in Florida.

925 Nuevo's Cubano's.R Y./Yelp

Do it if you're considering coming here. Cuban food should be similar to this. Tim R. wrote that it was a roadside eatery with stolen road signs in the parking lot.

Here, you can learn more about the Cubano's.

There is a Zunzi's in the state of Georgia.

The sandwiches were amazing. On our road trip, we found this joint on the side of the road. It was a stop on our way to Atlanta. We were not expecting this place to be so great. David L. wrote that he would stop by again in the future.

Here, you can learn more about Zunzi's.

Chicken in a barrel BBQ-Kappaa is in Hawaii.

Chicken In A Barrel BBQ-Kapaa.Safina H./Yelp

Awesome BBQ on the side of the road. The meat doesn't stay together. Luis M. wrote that there wasn't a need for a knife.

You can learn more about Chicken In A Barrel BBQ-Kappaa here.

There is a deli in Idaho Falls.

I went here with my family. The chicken was ordered with the Patacones. The food is healthy and delicious.

You can learn more about the deli.

The Blue Springs Cafe is in Illinois.

Blue Springs Cafe.Kat S./Yelp

On a road trip, we stopped here for lunch. The lunch plate is made out of tree wood. It was wonderful. We picked up carry-out on the return leg of our trip. The food was good and better than fast food.

You can learn more about the cafe here.

There is a restaurant in Gas City.

Payne's Restaurant.Sam R./Yelp

I liked this place very much. On a road trip, it's fun and quirky. I'm a big fan of British cuisine like fish and chips and toffee pudding.

You can learn more about the restaurant here.

There is a Zombie Burger and Drink Lab in Iowa.

Zombie Burger + Drink Lab.Jonathan E./Yelp

The burgers are great and the fries are huge. Seeing that they had 'fry sauce' was a bonus. The cereals shakes are also enjoyable. We would definitely stop here again on our yearly road trips.

You can learn more about the zombie burger.

There is a bar in Kansas City.

Joe's Kansas City Bar-B-Que.Yelp/Bob B.

Oh my god!" This was the best barbecue I have had. One of my friends brought me to this place because she wanted to eat it while she was on the road. I wasn't sure. I don't like barbecue sauce and all the other condiments. The place made me eat my sandwich with barbecue sauce on top of it. Janie S wrote that she was sad that she didn't live closer.

You can learn more about Joe's Kansas City Bar-B-que here.

There is a BBQ in Kentucky.

Red State BBQ.Heather P./Yelp

A classic roadside BBQ restaurant, all the classic stuff including double-smoked brisket and several different sauces that cover the basics from South Carolina mustard to Texas spicy." The green beans are really good. Being a little over a mile from the highway is a good place to stop for gas.

You can learn more about Red State BBQ here.

Pamela's Bayou in a Bowl is located in Louisiana.

Pamela's Bayou In A Bowl.Tina R./Yelp

"Holy cow!" We stumbled into this place because of the great food. All of the food was delicious. I got the mac and cheese. We realized we must be at someone's granny's house once we started eating.

You can learn more about the story here.

There is a restaurant in Wiscasset.

The lobster roll is the best we've ever tried. Someone recommended this place while we were traveling through Maine. We didn't think it was special or different from the others, but we were wrong.

You can learn more about it here.

There is a chaps pit beef restaurant in Maryland.

Chaps Pit Beef.Eric L./Yelp

It's one of those places you pass by and never think about. Locals and working class people eat at such a dive. It's not a good idea to be in front of a strip club. It has been featured on TV shows. Where it is at is chaps. The food is amazing.

Here, you can learn more about chaps pit beef.

B. T.'s Smokehouse is in Massachusetts.

B.T.'s Smokehouse.Lisa E./Yelp

On our road trip, we stopped here and had to write a review. The burrito was really good. The buffaloed fried chicken sandwich was delicious. The pick-up was on time.

You can learn more about B.T.'s barbecue here.

There is a cafe in Michigan.

The Mason Jar Cafe.Belinda R./Yelp

It's hard to believe such a place exists in small-town Michigan after struggling to find healthy, fresh, and quality food options on a road trip through rural Michigan. Friendly service, good coffee, diverse menu, and vegetarian friendly. The user wrote that they had thumbs up and five stars.

You can learn more about the cafe here.

There is a taco king in Minnesota.

The Taco King.Michael D./Yelp

We stopped on the way to Wisconsin Dells and were shocked. Due to the location, I was expecting a Mexican fast-food restaurant. The service was great and the burritos were delicious. Carrie F. wrote that she would definitely be stopping again.

You can learn more about the taco king here.

The Pig and Pint is located in Jackson, Mississippi.

The Pig & Pint.The Pig & Pint/Yelp

On our road trip to New Orleans, we stumbled upon this place thanks to my review website. On a Thursday, we stopped here for lunch. On our first visit, the girl at the register gave us a list of their most popular dishes. The food arrived quickly and the portions were large. I didn't think chicken fries would be a mess of BBQ chicken, beans, sauce, sour cream, and jalapeos. It was great. It was the best stop on the day. We're definitely going to stop here on our way to New Orleans.

You can learn more about The Pig.

Pappy's is located in Saint Louis.

Pappy's Smokehouse.Michael U./Yelp

It was the best BBQ I've had. We've traveled all over the south and beyond following the Florida Gators. I had the 'que in many places. Craig J. wrote that Pappy's is the best.

You can learn more about the business here.

There is a cafe in Montana.

Hummingbird Cafe.Stephanie Y./Yelp

It's a great spot to stop and eat. I had to let my baby out of the car seat while I was on the road. On the patio, we had coffee and lunch. Sara H said that she will stop in again when she drives through Butte.

You can learn more about the cafe here.

There is an open range grill in Nebraska.

Open Range Grill.Brandy E./Yelp

We stopped at the Open Range Grill on our way to Wisconsin and were so happy that we did. This is a great place with great food.

You can learn more about Open Range Grill.

Odeh's Mediterranean restaurant is located in Nevada.

Odeh's Mediterranean Restaurant.L T./Yelp

We were on a road trip to Wisconsin and found this cute little place. It was some of the best food I have eaten. Emilee K said to come and try it out.

You can learn more about the restaurant here.

Lexie's joint is in New Hampshire.

Lexie's Joint.Happy G. via Yelp

The place was fun on our road trip. They have a good selection of food. Mark G wrote that he felt they did a nice job.

You can learn more about Lexie's Joint here.

Steve's Burgers is in New Jersey.

Steve's Burgers.Bobby S./Yelp

How do I start? It is a roadside stand and there are very few tables inside and outside. Don't let that affect you. The burger is great, the fries are good, and they serve C&C Black Cherry soda. The owner is very nice. We love it here.

You can learn more about Steve's Burgers here.

There is a diner and a restaurant in New Mexico.

Western View Diner & Steakhouse.Miquela H./Yelp

You want a steak dinner and you want to feel at home here. The staff is very nice. The owner walks around greeting guests like they are family and the hand-cut steaks are cooked to perfection if you come in the morning.

You can learn more about the diner here.

The cheese traveler is in New York.

The Cheese Traveler.Daniel B./Yelp

It's the best grilled cheese with tomato soup. Women are running the place and they have gourmet everything. It's pretty close to the highway. Jim D. said it was definitely worth the trip.

You can learn more about the cheese traveler here.

There is a Prime Smokehouse in North Carolina.

The Prime Smokehouse.Patty R./Yelp

The car was stopped at the end of the trip. The smokehouse is absolutely wonderful. There was a side of cornbread with the food. Kevin S. wrote that everything they had was delicious.

You can learn more about the Prime Smokehouse here.

Fireflour Pizza is in North Dakota.

Fireflour Pizza + Coffee Bar.Rhondel W./Yelp

On our way through North Dakota, we stopped for lunch. The staff was great and the restaurant/ bathroom was clean. The pizzaiola did her job well. The pizzas were thin and delicious. The top to pizza ratio was perfect.

You can learn more about Fireflour Pizza here.

There is a cafe in Cleveland.

Lucky's Cafe.Lucille H./Yelp

On a road trip with my dad and brother, I visited Lucky's. I saw it on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives and thought it was my cup of tea. The food is local and the quality is great. I owned the canoe wreck. Lots of vegetables, toast, and fruit are included. It was really good. The guys were happy with what they received. "I'm sad I don't live near Cleveland because I'd eat here every day."

You can learn more about Lucky's cafe.

Arbuckle Mountain Fried Pies is located in Davis, Oklahoma.

Arbuckle Mountain Fried Pies.Alan B./Yelp

On a road trip fromKC to Dallas, I ran across this awesome place. We pulled over to get gas and thought about asking the gas station what fried pies are all about. The fried pies counter is the only place where you can pay for gas inside. The pies were really good. It's the best part of the pie. Karen P. wrote that these pies are a million times better than Hostess ones she begged her mom for when she was a child.

You can learn more about Arbuckle Mountain Fried Pies.

There is a screen door in the state of Oregon.

Chicken and waffles are one of my favorites on a road trip. We were seated at the bar immediately after they closed.

You can learn more about screen door here.

Picasso's Erie is located in Erie, Pennsylvania.

Picasso's Erie.Diane H./Yelp

My family liked it here. I ordered the Mona Lisa. My side was mac n cheese. It's great. Not your typical mac and cheese. There is a child's menu. My daughter ordered a grilled cheese sandwich. Julia E. wrote about the best pickle ever.

You can learn more about Picasso's work here.

The tavern is in the village.

Tavern by the Sea.Lynee G./Yelp

The view and atmosphere are amazing. The food is delicious and affordable. The server was very nice. Gerri M. wrote that this is a great place to enjoy a beautiful patio in a quaint town.

This is where you can learn more about the tavern by the sea.

There is a sandwich shop in South Carolina.

Katie's Sandwich Shop.Gintoki S./Yelp

If you're driving up or down I-26, look no further. Fast food interstate exit options are not the best. A quick drive from the exit will lead you to an awesome local place that serves great sandwiches by friendly Southern ladies. Andrew J. wrote that he would not regret it if he bookmarks it for his next road trip.

You can learn more about the sandwich shop here.

There is a drive-in in South Dakota.

Murdo Drive-In.Terry K./Yelp

We stopped on the road for a while. It was really good. We ordered a cheeseburger, cheese balls, jalapeo poppers, and a corn dog. The buns tasted great. The food was good, the service was good, and the lobby was clean.

You can learn more about the drive-in here.

Arnold's country kitchen is located in Nashville.

Arnold's Country Kitchen.Johnny M./Yelp

I traveled from Florida to town for two weeks. This was the place I wanted to eat at. Arnold's is a great place to cook. Made with love. It may be cafeteria-style but it's worth every second. You were welcomed by the staff and felt at home. The spot is always busy and well worth the stop. Mary Ann R. wrote that they will be back.

You can learn more about Arnold's country kitchen here.

Tyler's barbeque is located in Amarillo.

Tyler's Barbeque.Cult L./Yelp

We stopped in here on our way to California. As soon as we walked in we were hungry and tired. The owner told me to get the brisket sandwich with a side of jalapeo cream corn. I would eat a bucket of that stuff. My husband got a pulled pork sandwich with potato salad and it was gone before I could blink, so he was great too. The service is top-notch, the food is top-notch, and the hotel is top-notch.

You can learn more about Tyler's barbeque here.

There is a woodfired pizzeria in Cedar City, Utah.

Centro Woodfired Pizzeria.Sheri R./Yelp

On a road trip, we were sick of diner and fast food. I will be shocked if it's half as good as the reviews say it is. After the meatballs and garlic bread, followed by the Brooklyn Pepperoni pizza, and finally the Nutella baked pizza with whip cream, it was time to finish. The quality of the food was in line with what you would expect from an Italian restaurant.

You can learn more about the pizza joint here.

Top of the Hill Grill is in Vernon.

Top of The Hill Grill.Kate P./Yelp

On a road trip, we stopped at a BBQ stand. My husband and I both had pulled pork sandwiches. The salad was fresh from the farmers market. The great food and novel atmosphere more than made up for the noise of the road behind me.

You can learn more about the restaurant here.

Angelle's diner is located in Virginia.

Angelle's Diner.Mr. Bill S./Yelp

The diner was great. My husband and I were surprised with a pleasant surprise when we traveled from DC. Angelle's is not your average diner, that's for sure. Amy B. wrote that it was nice and clean and lived up to its reviews.

You can learn more about the diner here.

In Seattle, there is a person named "Pirisky".

Piroshky Piroshky.Huy T./Yelp

It's worth it. The line is worthwhile. The pastries are delicious. The salmon pate and meat and cheese are some of the best here. The two pastries I ordered were my favorites. We saved some pastries for the next day since we were on the road.

Here, you can learn more about the person.

Hillbilly hot dogs are in Lesage.

Hillbilly Hot Dogs.Cassandra M./Yelp

I've never had better hotdogs. It was a great road trip stop. Scott H. wrote that the prices are good.

You can learn more about Hillbilly Dogs.

The Old Fashioned is located in Madison, Wisconsin.

The Old Fashioned.Erik E./Yelp

The best cheese in the state of Wisconsin. I went here at the end of my road trip and loved it. It's definitely a must if you live in the area. The prices are good. There was a reason for the place to be packed.

You can learn more about The Old Fashioned here.

Anong Rawlins'sThai Cuisine is in Wyoming.

Anong's Thai Cuisine.Ophelia M./Yelp

We were on our way to Colorado and needed a place to eat. The place was one of the top-rated places and we all like thai food. We would stop again if we had this place back in Utah. The service was friendly and helpful. We didn't have to wait long for our food and it was a great experience.

You can learn more about Anong'sThai Cuisine.

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