The first season was Netflix's most-viewed show of all time. Kris HoltK. Holt|06.13.22
Animatronic doll Young-hee in Squid Game

The company has greenlit the second season of Squid Game, which is the most popular show on the internet. It's not known when the next episodes will be on the service.

When Squid Game was released last September, it became a word of mouth phenomenon. The first season of the show was watched by over one billion viewers in the first 28 days. Money Heist: Part 5 is in second place with 791 million hours watched over the same period, less than half the total time of Squid Game.

The show took home two awards this year. When the nominations are announced next month, it is likely to feature a lot.

— Netflix (@netflix) June 12, 2022

The creator of the show said in October that he would hold talks with the company because he wanted to make a movie first. It's not clear why it took so long for the second season to be announced.

There aren't a lot of details for the second season of Squid Game. Seong Gi-hun and The Front Man will be back. During the show's first deadly game, Red Light, Green Light, a giant animatronic doll was used to monitor competitors.

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