At the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) last week, Apple introduced some amazing updates to its products.

Stage Manager for better multitasking is one of the new features announced by the company. When Apple incorporates features that have been hallmarks of third-party apps, those apps no longer need to be used for those features. Many people were surprised by the number of apps that got whacked.

It is difficult to say if Apple engineers sat in a meeting room and got inspired by an app or if a feature was already part of the product plans. It is likely that more people will use a system-baked feature than try to find an app for a specific problem.

Here is the story of how "Sherlocked" became a popular word among Apple fans. The company released a finder app in the 90's. You could use the tool to search the web and files on your system.

A company called Karelia Software had a finder app that was $29 and had features like plug-ins for better internet searches. In 2002, Apple made Karelia redundant and forced it to close, because of the similarities between the two.

Whenever Apple released a feature that could shut down an app or make it useless, the word "shered" came to mind.

Here is a list of features and apps that you can use.

Feature: Continuity camera

There's an app called camo.

The main pitch was that Apple's new continuity feature will allow you to use your phone as aWebcam. The mount will hold your phone on your Macbook screen. It will make it easy for other apps to use Camera Continuity.

Camo is still alive and well. It can be found on Windows and also on the Android platform. Any other combinations of desktop and mobile systems will have to use a similar app as Camera Continuity only works with an Apple combo. It could offer more features to its pro users so they can get their money's worth.

Feature: Apple Pay Later

Clearpay is one of the "shered apps."

Apple is rumored to be launching a pay later service. A new subsidiary was opened by the company.

You don't have to pay interest or service fees if you use Apple Pay Later service.

Buy Now Pay Later is offered by Klarna. Better terms may be one way to compete with Apple. Consumers and businesses alike can benefit from the wide array of features and services offered by Klarna and others.

Feature: Visual Lookup

There are some apps that need to be removed.

You can pick up an object from a photo or video and share it with your friends. The service does a great job of removing the background from the final image. Any need for that will be removed if you have an Apple device.

Now you can make your pets into stickers with iOS 16

Pets can be made into stickers with the latest version of the app.

Feature: Medication tracking

There are apps called MyTherapy and Pillbox.

It will be very easy to log and remind with the new Apple software. If it is not advised to consume alcohol while taking a pill, the feature will alert you.

iOS 16 will help you with reminders so you don't forget to take critical medications

Reminders will help you remember to take your medication.

Inventory tracking is a nifty feature in some medication tracking apps.

Feature: Freeform

Figma's fig jam is one of the many apps that is spooky.

You and your teammates can work on a digital whiteboard with Freeform. You can use the app to add your own notes, include photos, and even make a video call. It will be available later this year on all three of the operating systems.

Apple Free Form

The image was created by Apple.

In March, Figma released its own collaboration tool for iPad. Good Notes and Explain Everything have the same features.

If Freeform isn't able to port projects from other apps, professional users might stick to their existing solutions.

Feature: Sleep tracking

The app is called oura.

Even if you don't wear an Apple Watch, the Health app can monitor sleep based on your phone's usage. Average time in bed was the only stat Apple gave you.

You will get better sleep statistics with WatchOS 9, including the duration of REM, Core, or Deep sleep, and your heart rate during sleep.

New sleep tracking coming with iOS 16 and WatchOS 9

There is a new sleep tracking coming with watchOS 9.

Oura and Whoop used additional hardware like a ring or wristband to provide detailed sleep analysis, but that is no longer the case. Existing users may be swayed by Apple's announcement. If someone is interested in buying an Apple Watch, sleep tracking could be a factor.

There have been debates about whether the company uses the App Store to copy ideas from notable apps or if it is a natural evolution of the system.

In the past, Apple has pointed out that the App Store supports many developers and jobs. Many developers are unhappy with the company's anti-competitive strategy

To avoid scrutiny from antitrust watchdogs, Apple will have to be careful about how it positions itself against existing players in the market.