TP-Link’s Kasa mini smart plug just got better.

TP-Link has finally added HomeKit to one of its products, and it's a great deal. Apple HomeKit support and energy monitoring are included in the price of the new mini smart plug. The four-pack of the Kasa SmartWiFi Plug Mini with Energy Monitoring and Apple HomeKit is available for $49.99 on Amazon.

There are a lot of smart plugs out there, but very few with energy monitoring and HomeKit compatibility, and none that are as cheap as $12.50 This is the first device with HomeKit that works with TP- Link. The mini plug was supposed to get HomeKit in January, but then the company changed its mind.

There is an existing mini energy monitoring plug that is $23 for one. HomeKit compatible smart plugs are more expensive than the TP-Link, but Eve Energy costs less. The dual outlet from Satechi and the Aqara Smart Plug require a separate hub.

The new Kasa Mini smart plug supports HomeKit.
Image: TP-Link
The Kasa Mini smart plug only covers one outlet, unlike some smart plugs.
Image: TP-Link

The Mini with Energy Monitoring can control any compatible plug-in device up to 15 Amps. You can add real-time energy monitoring to your home. The Kasa app is better than a lot of smart plugs. Schedules can be set based on time and sunrise or sunset. It allows for timers to have something run for a set length of time or turn it on in a set amount of time and there's also an "Away" mode and a report.

The Kasa Mini fits over one outlet and doesn't block the other. When buying any smart electrical products, it's always a good idea to check out the U.L. certification.

The first TP-Link smart home device to get HomeKit compatibility is the Tapo line, which supports the Apple smart home platform. The company said in January that the Tapo line would include a HomeKit compatible mini plug, power strip, dimmer switch, and light strip. TP-Link is a member of the Connectivity Standards Alliance, which is working on a new smart home standard.