In the airline industry ‘permanent’ only means ‘until we change our mind.’ Several permanent changes were made to airline policies during the pandemic, like the elimination of change fees on most non-basic economy fares. We’ll see how long these last.

The fall of 2020 saw American Airlines drop most change fees.

You can travel for free if you show up at the airport early. Only elite flyers were able to do this. If space was available for a same day change, non-elites could pay a fee.

Traveling on the same route was required. Since US Airways management took over, American's benefits have been less generous. Non-status members can't wait to check bags.

There is a rumor that the free benefit for non-status passengers might be ending. Jon NYC is reporting this.

("domestic" = Itineraries within and between the following markets:50 United StatesPuerto Rico

U.S Virgin Islands)