How can the Rangers stave off elimination once again? (1:10)

The Rangers will need the help of P.K. Subban and Rick DiPietro in order to win in Game 6. There is a time and a place for this.

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The two-time defending Stanley Cup champion Lightning hold a 3-2 lead over the New York Rangers going into the sixth game of the NHL Eastern Conference finals.

The winner of the series will be waiting for the Colorado Avs. What needs to be done to close it out in the state of Florida? New York will counter punch. It's all broken down here.

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What do the Lightning need to do to close this series out?

The Lightning are back to their best after a slow start. When the Stanley Cup Final starts, I'm sure we'll be talking about the nine-day layoff for Colorado.

puck management is the biggest change for the bay. The turning point in the series was midway through Game 2 when the Lightning were forcing things and trying to make something out of nothing. As long as Vasilevskiy gets clean looks, he's stopping nearly everything, so they need to keep boxing out the Rangers.

These guys have scored three game-winning goals in the last two minutes of games this season. After Game 5, Ondrej Palat told me that if they play like they did in the fourth game, they will be able to close this out at home.

The Rangers looked sluggish in the first two games of the series, but the long layoff between series likely had something to do with that. Do you think now is the right time? They seem to be back to their old ways.

Game 6 felt like a "playoff game" in the way both defenses were so good. If that continues, the Lightning will match New York in speed and Vasilevskiy will have another great performance.

The Rangers came into the game on a high from their Game 7 victory over the Carolina Hurricanes in the second round. The last-minute goal by the Bolts in Game 3 swung the game in their favor.

The Lightning have not let the ups and downs affect their level of confidence. It will be important to finish off New York. Even if they aren't generating a lot of goals, the Lightning are still scoring and they're taking some of the load off of Vasilevskiy to bail them out.

If you want to close this thing out on Saturday, look for more timely contributions from the rest of the team and expect Vasilevskiy to shut the door once more. Jon Cooper knows how to use home ice to his advantage and hide a trick or two to keep the Rangers off balance.

The series has turned out the way it has been explained by Cooper. The Rangers were the better team in the first and second games due to the fact that the Lightning hadn't played in nine days. He knew the layoff hurt Vasilevskiy the most, and he has been their best player since Game 2, owning a.956 save percentage (86 saves on 90 shots against).

The coach told the players not to make plays that aren't there when the team committed 48 turnovers in the first two games. In the last three games, they've committed 29 turnovers. The Rangers are looking tired as the series progresses.

Continue their mastery at 5-on-5, in which the Rangers have two goals since the first period of Game 2, and stay out of the penalty box, and the Lightning will punch their ticket to Denver.

What should the Rangers do to counterpunch in Game 6?

Brandon Dubinsky, a former Rangers player, suggested on social media that we might need a Mikabanejad guarantee. That doesn't feel right for the Rangers, who never get too low after losing or winning. The steadiness of the team has really impressed me.

The players don't let the moment overwhelm them, according to Adam Fox. They are perfect in elimination games this season. When there is no tomorrow, they play their best hockey. Few teams can claim that.

The Rangers need to win the puck battles on the boards and get more traffic in front of the net in order to win the game. Their style is that.

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There is no quitting in New York. They won three straight elimination games after being down by multiple goals in the first two games. They defeated the Hurricanes at home and eliminated them from the playoffs.

They will face "Mr. Series-clinching" Andrei Vasilevskiy, who has six career shut outs in these types of games. There is no quitting in New York. The Rangers have a chance to get up from the mat and force a Game 7.

The first team to beat Carolina at home in this year's playoffs was the New York Rangers. The Rangers are not intimidated by a do-or-die moment. The energy will be worth it in Game 6 against the Lightning. New York was able to disrupt the rhythm of the Lightning by keeping the puck away from their top players. New York did a good job of making Tampa Bay uncomfortable.

Establishing a good forecheck will help New York take this series home. Maintaining a belief that no matter what the Lightning have accomplished in the past it doesn't dictate the future is the most important factor. The Rangers have to not think too much about the championship history of the other team.

There is a rejuvenation tank that Boba Fett uses to heal himself. That's what they need. Some power plays were made.

The Rangers have played a lot of hockey and spent a lot of energy, with two seven-game series that required them to come back multiple times. Mental errors and fatigue are starting to show up in the lineup. Two of the past three losses were decided at the end of regulation.

The Rangers need goalie Shesterkin to limit the Lightning to one goal or fewer, and they need to score at least one more goal than they have in the past three losses. The Rangers lead the playoffs in power play efficiency but have only had 3 minutes, 15 seconds of power play ice time in the past two games. Andrew told me that they have to win Game 6 if they want to keep their season alive.

What's your final score prediction for Game 6?

The Rangers are going to play hard, but I think the Lightning are going to win this game. An empty netter is the final goal.

The Rangers won a spirited game and forced a seventh game.

In the playoffs, New York has exceeded expectations. At home, I like to visit the bay. There was a 4-2 victory by the lightning.

The lightning was 4-1. There is still no quit in New York. The series is over as well as the Rangers' season due to the fact that the Lightning have four victories.