A new kind of quantum computer could be a result of the connecting of two time crystals in a superfluid.

Time crystals are strange structures of atoms, which were only predicted in 2012 and proved a few years later. The atoms are arranged in a regular pattern in a normal crystal. The atoms stop moving when they are in their ground state.

Time crystals are made of atoms that repeat in time rather than in space, and they spin in their ground state. They don't have to use energy or lose energy in the process.

There is a time crystal inside the quantum computer.

Time crystals can defy the concept of entropy. The second law states that any system grows more disorganized over time. Take the planets around the sun into account. They would move in clockwork order, arriving back at the same place at the same time. The planets are messy because of the gravity of the other planets.

The planets are always chaotic. It is possible for a small change to have a big impact on them. Over time, the system becomes less stable.

The effects of entropy can be mitigated by time crystals. Only one atom in the time crystal is affected by a force. The change is seen as local rather than global. The system is not chaotic because it allows the repeating oscillations to continue indefinitely.

Samuli Autti is a research fellow and lecturer in physics at Lancaster University in the United Kingdom. "As long as we keep our eyes closed, it's okay to keep moving."

The Heisenberg uncertainty principle refers to how when a quantum system is observed and measured, its quantum wave function collapses. Time crystals can only operate at 100% efficiency when fully isolated from their environment. The amount of time they can be observed is limited by this requirement.

Autti's team was able to connect two crystals by cooling a quantity of helium. Helium becomes a superfluid when it's cooled to a fraction above absolute zero. The motion of the atoms in a time crystal can be continued indefinitely in a superfluid because there is zero viscosity.

Autti's team created two time crystals that interacted with each other by manipulating the helium atoms. Billions of periods of spinning motion of the atoms were seen before the time crystals' wave function decayed.

Autti said that putting two of them together worked well.

A promising line of research has been created by the findings. The processing rate of quantum computers is much faster because they usequbits, which can be 1 and 0, on and off at the same time. One way to build a quantum computer is to link multiple time crystals. The basic building block of a quantum computer has been created by this experiment.

Experiments have shown that some time crystals can operate at room temperature, which makes their construction even simpler. According to Autti's team, the next task is to demonstrate that logic gate operations can operate between two or more time crystals.

The research was published in a journal.

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