Jessica Ellis and her siblings
  • I have four brothers.

  • I want to be an individual, but I also want to be with my siblings.

  • Being the only girl gave me some freedom.

It has always been an easy way to get to know someone. I'm a quadret.

There are questions about growing up with three brothers. I can't read their minds and I don't feel bad when they hurt themselves. I've gotten those questions many times.

I forget that I'm unique because it's been a long time since it was brought up in a conversation. I was reminded that it's rare when I heard that you're the first quadruplet I've ever met.

On our birthday, we feel like we are different. We used to have a cake with colored candles to tell us which corner was ours. The candles were out when my brothers were one step ahead of me.

It finally occurred. I hated getting my own cake in college. It was so weird. There will always be a difference between wanting and needing space.

Being the only girl gave me some individuality

For a long time, I was thankful for the ability to hide. I could be invisible within the group because it was easy.

I didn't know I was a quadruplet when I moved away from our hometown. I had to stop saying we and start saying I. One day someone will ask me why I'm saying that. I stopped because I didn't want people to think I had a friend. It happens when I don't pay attention.

One thing my brothers didn't have was an identity of their own. My life was saved by sports. My brothers and I both had sports.

It was the only thing I needed to feel different. I was the one who had it. As my identity grew, more things became my own. I'm a licensed professional counselor, I'm a wife, I'm a stepmother, and I'm a mother, but the quadgirl label will always be there.

When I became a mother to a little girl, I wondered how my mother could have done that.

I think of having someone to play with even if it was too competitive. We now have playdates with our children. I am so thankful for that.

My brothers allowed me to blow out my candles. Dreams do come true after 33 years.

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