Feed our animals from the table is normal. Is the reverse safe. Is it safe for a human to eat pet food. Do you think it could kill you?

According to Dana Hunnes, an assistant professor at the University of California, Los Angeles, pet food can be harmful to humans if it is contaminated. The impact of foodborne pathogens on pet food is similar to that of humans. According to Healthline, it's important to follow your pet food's storage guidelines. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration advises storing dry and canned pet food in a dry place that is not warm.

Dr. Beth Ann Ditkoff, a biology faculty member at Sarah Lawrence College in New York, told VICE that eating your pet's food may run a greater risk of being contaminated.

A person can survive only eating beef.

Over the years, the FDA has issued numerous recalls and withdrawals (opens in new tab) concerning pet food, including a potential Salmonella contamination from rodents at a distribution center in 2022, and dog food with elevated levels of aflatoxins.

Hunnes said that uncontaminated pet food is safe. She told Live Science that most pet food is made up of leftover food. The main components of pet food are bones, meat scraps, and offal from processing plants. The same sources of food are used to make pet food. If you're curious about it or want to eat it in an emergency, it's safe to do so. You should steer clear of raw pet food. According to the report from Healthline, that is not a good idea for humans.

It's best to only eat pet food for a couple of days. In an emergency, pet food can provide a source of calories and fat. It is important to remember that pet food is not the same as human food.

Hunnes said that dog food can be toxic to humans at high amounts of vitamins. Cats and dogs make their own vitamins, so that's not included in some pet food. Hunnes said that long-term pet food consumption in humans can be dangerous.

It's important to know that most pet food is not suitable for humans. According to a report from VICE (opens in new tab), if you get sick from eating pet food, you won't have a lot of options.

Pet food isn't bad for humans but it isn't ideal. If you need it, you can use it. It isn't a long-term solution for food safety or nutrition.

The original article was published on Live Science in February of 2013).