The Romans were known for their artistic skills.

The Roman civilization used charms, amulets, and necklaces to ward off evil spirits and bad luck. Children were wearing gold rings with male genitalia.

The phallic symbols were usually protective. The dicks of questionable artistic merit were used to make fun of people.

There is a stone carving of a penis near Hadrian's Wall in the United Kingdom.

Dylan Herbert, a retired biochemist, found the stone while volunteering on an excavation and was surprised to see some clear letters.

After removing the mud, I realized the full extent of what I'd found.

The third-century graffiti artist wrote a short version of Secundinus, the shitter, next to the pornography.

The stone slab is 40 centimeters wide by 15 centimeters tall. The border of the penis has been removed.

It would have taken a while for the effort to be done.

The director of the excavations says that the author had a big problem with Secundinus and was confident enough to announce their thoughts on a stone.

Secundinus would have been less than amused to see this.

The soldiers were likely amused by the mockery.

Researchers have been studying Vindolanda, an ancient Roman fort just south of Hadrian's Wall, for over a century.

The UNESCO World Heritage site is almost completely covered in dicks. The recent insult to Secundinus is one of thirteen that have been found at Vindolanda.

Fertility statues, the lid of boxes, and horse riding gear are all adorned with dicks.

A Roman statue has a penis.

There are a lot of dick pics on the border of Hadrian's Wall. Up to 59 etchings have been found along the wall, but most individual sites only hold four or so.

There is a lot of phallic imagery at Vindolanda.

There is a phallus on the wall.

On the Hadrianic frontier, a significant density of military installations remained in operation for several centuries, and there is a clear relationship between phallic carvings and that.

There is an engraving near Hadrian's Wall.

The ancient Romans had a fascination with pornography. There are stone carvings of penises in Greece.

The inscription about Secundinus is not the same as before. Some researchers have said that the penis was carved for practical purposes.

Some phallic engravings were supposed to be used to amuse or insult.

It brought a smile over a thousand years ago.