The best bonus we have ever seen is a 120% bonus on the purchase of Flying Blue miles. There is a chance to buy miles for as little as 1.39 cents each. If you want to take advantage of the 25% transfer bonus from American Express, this could be helpful.

The Deal

There is a bonus of up to 120% on Air France / KLM Flying Blue miles.

  • Valid 6/10/22 to 6/30/22
  • Bonus offer is tiered:
    • Buy 4,000+ miles, receive 50% bonus (2.03cpm)
    • Buy 16,000+ miles, receive 70% bonus (1.79cpm)
    • Buy 32,001+ miles, receive 100% bonus (1.52pm)
    • Buy 50,000-100,000 miles, receive 120% bonus (1.39cpm)
  • Maximum purchase per calendar year: 100,000 miles (not counting bonus miles).  Elite members are not limited in how many miles they can buy, but they can only receive a maximum of 300,000 bonus miles.
  • Maximum bonus miles that can be earned during promotion: 100,000 for non-elites / 300,000 for elite members)
  • Direct link to Offer (must log-in to see bonus)

Best uses for Flying Blue Miles

  • Air France Flying Blue Promo Rewards.  Each month, Air France offers discounted award rates for a number of routes.  Sometimes we see economy flights from the US to Europe available for less than 11,000 miles one-way.
  • Fly to Israel for the same award price as to Europe.  For example, you may see business class flights from the U.S. to Tel Aviv for as low as 55,000 miles one-way.
  • Delta economy flights between the US and Hawaii for 17,500 miles one-way.  Air France also has great award prices for Delta first class to Hawaii, but Delta rarely releases first class award space on its Hawaii routes.
Things to know
  • Air France awards usually incur taxes and fees.
  • Award availability may be hard to find.  Acquire Flying Blue miles only if you know that the awards you want are available.
  • Flying Blue miles expire 2 years after they are earned. Keeping miles alive beyond two years is… weird:
    • As long as you don’t credit any flying activity to your account, you can renew your miles by acquiring more miles through non-flight activity. For example, transferring miles from a transferable points program will renew these miles.
    • If you earn miles by crediting flight activity to your account, then all of your miles become flight activity miles and can only be extended by taking an eligible flight (and crediting it to Flying Blue), or by being an elite member, or making a purchase with your Air France / KLM Flying Blue credit card.
    • For more details, see: Air France’s Flying Blue miles are easier to extend than I thought

Previously, the best deal we have seen is 100%, but this is the best one we have seen so far. If you need to top off for an award, or even buy one, this promotion may be right for you. Purchasing miles for an award could be a good idea. Make sure you have a specific redemption in mind before buying.

Flying Blue mileage purchases are processed by so you should use your best card to purchase.