A Chinese man is seeking a divorce from his wife after he discovered that his daughters were not his biological children.

The man from eastern China began to have suspicions about his wife. While Chen was working in another city to support his family, he and his wife initially called every now and then, but she began to avoid him and explained that she wanted to work away from home.

Chen was able to track Yu to a hotel in eastern China where he saw his wife check out with another man. He decided to have a paternity test after learning that none of the girls he had been raising were his own.

Chen said that none of them are his own children.

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Yu went missing after the revelation. Chen is trying to find his wife and has reached out to local media. Yu told the TV station that she did not cheat on her husband and that she did not have a father. Yu was critical of her husband's decision to seek a divorce.

Yu said that sterile couples adopt all the time. Try to understand me. He used to call the daughters his own, but now says they are not. There is a difference between him and an animal.

The lawyer said that Chen is capable of divorcing Yu if he believes that her actions hurt their relationship.

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According to the news outlet, Yu said that if he applied for a divorce, the law would encourage him to ask his wife to reimburse support payments and other expenses he paid for the three children.

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