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The rivalry between Notre Dame and Michigan has been going on for a long time, and now the Irish can claim a recruiting win against the Wolverines as C.J. Carr committed to Notre Dame on Thursday.

The grandson of a former Michigan football coach and the son of a former University of Michigan quarterback is also a football player. He's a quarterback from a Michigan high school who's going to play football at the University of Notre Dame.

Carr told his family he would be going to Notre Dame. I told my dad that I was going to Notre Dame when I visited on Sunday.

After his freshman football game, Carr received his first scholarship offers. Michigan offered to let his son finish the season, but he wasn't told by his father. He told him of the two scholarships after the Spartans jumped in.

During his sophomore year, he took visits across the Midwest and Big Ten, and then really started to take his recruitment seriously after that.

After taking some spring visits, Carr knew he wanted to attend Notre Dame. My dad wanted me to hold off a bit so I could see all the opportunities that were out there. After the last camp at Notre Dame, I asked my dad if I could go down south and he agreed.

His family has supported him in creating his own path despite his ties to the Michigan program. His parents have helped him along the way, allowing him to make his own decisions.

Carr's mother and two cousins were on the last visit to Notre Dame. My family was in love after I talked to Tommy and Marcus. They were happy from head to toe.

Carr's grandfather was the head coach at the University of Michigan from 1995 to 2007, and he was excited about Carr's decision.

He really likes it. He's really happy because we got him a Notre Dame shirt and we've told him how much he loves the school and its coaches. My grandpa has a Notre Dame shirt, but my dad has a Notre Dame shirt.

Carr wanted to make sure he made his college decision for the right reasons and not just because his family is associated with a program. He found Notre Dame to be the best school for him and didn't change his mind.

Michigan is going to hold a close place in my heart for the rest of my life. Carr said that Michigan will always hold a close spot in his heart. I didn't want to go to college near my hometown and I wanted to travel a bit further. I think I have a chance to do something special at Notre Dame, it was the perfect place for me.