Curry confident he will play in Game 4 (0:47)

The last few hours of treatment for Curry's foot were necessary to be ready for the fourth game. There is a time and a place for this.

4:19 PM ET

Curry is expected to play in the fourth game of the NBA finals.

Curry's status was up in the air after he suffered an injury late in the fourth quarter of Game 3 when Boston Celtics forward Al Horford rolled on Curry's leg.

Curry lay on the floor screaming in pain before getting up with a limp. He walked gingerly for about an hour and a half after the game before entering the news conference room and leaving.

Curry seemed to be walking well on Thursday. The day was used as a rest and recovery day by the Warriors. The low-minute players were the only ones who worked on the court.

Curry said that he got about 1012 hours of sleep, dunked in the ice bucket, and that was about it for the day. Take advantage of the next two days to be ready for the game. Understand the importance of Game 4 and get as much recovery as possible. I'm looking forward to the chance.

Curry compares the injury he suffered in Game 3 to a less severe version of the foot injury he suffered against the Celtics in March, when Marcus Smart rolled on his leg, and he missed the final month of the regular season.

Curry said that he knows exactly what he has to deal with after going through what he did in the regular season. I didn't have to go get any more tests because we've been through this before.

Curry found out something was wrong with his foot after the play with Smart.

Curry said that as soon as you took a couple of steps, you knew if you could run normal or not.

It only took a few steps for him to know that he was injured, but he also had the ability to decide if he should stop playing or not. He is confident that he will be available on Friday.

There is a good idea of what it is. You would rather not have to deal with something like that at this point in the season since I have been through it before.

In a pivotal Game 4 that will see the Warriors either tie the series up again or fall behind, Curry's availability is of paramount importance.

The entire organization is aware of that. Curry declared himself available as soon as he was told his injury was not as bad as first thought.

He said he would play. I don't know anything else right now.

In addition to a healthy Curry, the Warriors are going to need a better showing from forward Draymond Green, who described his own a Game 3 performance as "soft."

Green wants to be more aggressive on both sides of the ball. I have to be aggressive on the offensive side of the ball for this team. I pride myself on giving the team what it needs.

Fans in Boston serenaded Green with "F--- you, Draymond!" when he finished with 2 points, 3 assists and 4 rebound in 35 minutes.

His family was affected by the chants.

He said it was about finding balance and being Draymond Green. I know how to be the better person. I know how to be the best version of him. I need to be myself.

Klay Thompson expects Green to lead the way again, like he did in Game 2, when he was flying around and making his presence felt.

Thompson said that Draymond is here for a reason. Without Draymond, we wouldn't be the Warriors. He is one of the best players I have ever had the pleasure of playing with. He's one of the smartest people I've played with. We are all humans. We aren't immune to bad nights.

We respond like champions, that's for sure. I know Draymond will bring his typical brand of ball that is very physical, fast-paced, talking trash and just being the Money Green that the Dub Nation loves so much and has brought us to heights that the franchise has never seen before.

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