Al Horford (l.) chops Draymond Green.

Being a Warriors fan is fairly easy compared to other teams. There are three titles in the bag. The regular season was the best of all time. It's probably the greatest team you've ever seen. After only two years in the wilderness, the likable coach was back in the Finals.

It is never enough for a fan. You always want to watch your team win. It's not possible to just shrug off losses and look at the good times. The job isn't finished.

I don't know how many Warriors fans clean the glass and hardcore the fans. I am sure there was a time when most of them were, but I am not sure if that is still the case today. They are shrouded in people who would like to be part of the party. It's a natural thing.

You know all the things Draymond Green does that help the Warriors. You can see the defensive rotation. If you look in the middle of the magazine you will see it.

There have to be times when it's not nice. I am not a fan of the Warriors, but I will side with them over anything Boston if I can write about it. I am not an in-the-weeds hoops guy. I don't know a lot of the little things Green does to win a basketball game. Sometimes I see through the matrix and other times I don't.

It is not life or death to me. Is it really important to you? It has to be like getting a shot to the nuts when you see him rise up for a jumper. Something must have gone wrong for it to not go in. It is more upsetting to think that he doesn't know. Dubs fans might be able to explain away seeing Al Horford or Robert Williams III grabbing rebound over him because he is only 6-foot-5 and NBA 5-5, but still getting rebound is his job. When Draymond isn't doing the things that make yapping enjoyable, it gets even more frustrating. You will put up with the bullshit if he does all the little things. You are just looking through bullshit without the little things.

You get to the end of nights like this in a single picture.

Maybe his teammates have taken some class, or just through repetition, or maybe Steve Kerr has instilled some sort of meditation where they just tune out and/or accept Green's raves at officials as part of the deal. Can each fan? Doesn't yelling "Man just shut the fuck up!" cause one's skull to swell? Warriors fans can't suppress it. You have to wonder if he isn't yelling at himself. Occasionally he is.

Most Dubs supporters take the word of others that Draymond is the most important player in the team. He was in his 30s when his game was going to age all that well. Maybe they've all accepted that. There was a lot of running. Even though you're a Warriors fan, there have to be times when you can't agree with what the other person is saying. There have to be palpitations when watching Draymond's highest total on a night be his fouls and conversations with refs. Where all that training you put yourself through so you could say you understand how the Warrior work is forgotten, and you are just throwing things at the TV and wishing any teammate would grab him by the neck and make it clear how tired everyone is.

Maybe they're not long. It's possible that the feeling is always bubbling under the surface. The Golden State brigade is unique. It is a journey.

The Angels aren't out of Joe Maddon's reach yet.

It would be great if they lost 46 in a row now.