LeBron wouldn’t mind being Steph Curry’s teammate fulltime.

The NBA playoffs have been pretty good despite the absence of King James. The era of James playing into June every year is over, but that doesn't mean we won't hear from him during the playoffs. James would really like to play with Stephen Curry.

During the filming of an upcoming episode of his show, The Shop, he said that Golden State is the team he would most like to play for in the finals.

James said that there was some m-f--- in the game. I would love to play with him in today's game. Everything about that guy is wonderful. It's time to lethal. You should guard him when he pulls up to the arena. He will get out of the bed. Wear to God. The man is serious.

It is odd to hear James say this publicly more than once, but I am not surprised. We rarely hear players talk candidly about other superstars in their sport. Everything James says is scrutinized to the fullest extent. He knows that when he talks about Curry and how he would love to be his teammate, it will be picked up.

He knows the rivalry between his Lakers and the Celtics. If James said Boston, fans in Los Angeles would run him out of town. Imagine if James joined the Celtics. They were joined by Jaylen Brown

The Celtics would be even harder to beat defensively than they already are, so they would need to make some changes to their offense. The Warriors are not the only team that would be messed with by three long defensive wing players. I like the idea of James at point guard over Smart. I think they could figure out how they fit with the other two guys.

The scenario can be thrown out of the window because James wouldn't mention playing for the Celtics while he was a member of the Lakers. James has a history with the Celtics dating back to his days in Cleveland and Miami. It wouldn't work for a lot of reasons.

It would be a lot easier for James to fit in with the Warriors. Curry, Thompson, and Jordan are all capable of playing off the ball. James adjusted to the ball moving in Steve Kerr's offense. The addition of James would allow Draymond and LeBron to take turns running the offense. He would like to play with these guys at this point in his career.

Everyone knows that Curry and the Warriors have meant a lot to the career of James.

I can understand why James would want to play for the Warriors. Curry and the Golden State Warriors defeated the Cleveland team.

The most incredible comeback in NBA Finals history took place in 2016 when James and Draymond clashed. The Cleveland Indians won their first and only NBA championship. It makes sense that he is enamored with the Warriors.

James wants to get into a match with Draymond Green. I love when someone does something to me.

James and Green are now business partners. In 2016 Draymond caused James to throw a fit when he called him a "bitch" I don't think James would like to get in a pissing match with Green.

King James is seen as one of the most sensitive players of his time. He is responding to something someone has said about him in a number of different ways. James told everyone that the Lakers were old to keep the same energy.

The Lakers didn't do as well as the energy kept up. I will not be deceived by James this time. I don't think he would be okay with Green getting in his face and cursing at him. That is what Draymond does to everyone.

James feels like he needs to give us something to remember him when he is in the spotlight late in the season. The saying, out of sight, out of mind, is something we wouldn't forget. You aren't around for the playoffs when your team doesn't play any relevant games in the NBA from April on The Lakers couldn't make the play-in.

The King is touching the pulse. James knows how to stay popular. James knows he needs to hit us with something if he isn't on the court. We all listen when the king speaks. He knows how to use that to his advantage.