Android 13 logo on the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

Android 13 logo (Image credit: Nicholas Sutrich / Android Central)
  • The third Android 13 beta is rolling out today.
  • With the third beta, the operating system hits the platform stability milestone with a focus on polish and performance.
  • Google plans to release another beta next month before the final version is released.

The third version of the operating system doesn't introduce any new features, but it is a significant milestone in the development of the system.

The platform stability milestone is reached with the latest version of the software. Developers should have enough confidence to start their final compatibility tests.

Dave Burke, vice president of engineering at the company, wrote in a post that the third version of the operating system would be released today. The core themes of privacy and security, developer productivity, and tablet and large screen support have been built on with the new version of the mobile operating system.

The new notification permission, clipboard preview, and more are some of the major changes in the new version of the operating system. Compatibility updates will be published ahead of the final release once developers finish testing their apps.


If you want to try out the latest version of the operating system, many of the best phones, including the ones that are compatible with the program, can be accessed.

To make their apps better for tablets and large screens, developers are being encouraged to test their apps on anandroid studio to make sure they work well on tablets and large screens The Tab P12 Pro and the Tab 5 can be used to do the same thing.

The final version of the software will be released in the next few months. The next version of the mobile operating system only has four releases.