Moderna is hoping to launch a new Covid booster shot this Fall that targets both the original coronaviruses strain and omicron variant after promising early results from clinical trials.

RN Melanie Albor fills a syringe with the Moderna Covid-19 vaccine...

Moderna said it had good results on a vaccine.

Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

Preliminary results from a study testing Moderna's bivalent Covid-19 vaccine suggest it provides moredurable protection against variant of concern.

There was an eight-fold jump in the levels of neutralizing antibodies compared to people who had not received a booster, Moderna said.

One month after getting the shot, the bivalent booster provoked higher levels of neutralizing antibodies against both omicron and the original strain.

The people who received the bivalent booster were found to have higher levels of binding antibodies than the people who did not.

Bancel said the results mark an innovation in the fight against Covid and that the shot is Moderna's lead candidate for a fall booster.

Moderna will submit data to regulators in the coming weeks and will report additional data since the booster was given.

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A new booster. Bancel hopes the booster will be available later in the summer. It will be able to be used in a Fall booster campaign.


Moderna has developed two Covid-19 shots, the original-omicron bivalent booster and the second one. Preliminary data showed that the other bivalent shot was more durable than the original formula alone. Interim data on this shot will be submitted to regulators by Moderna.

Key Background

Today's shots and boosters are designed to target the coronaviruses that cause Covid-19. Since that discovery, the viruses have changed a lot. The shots are still effective at preventing serious illness and death, but some of them have been able to get around the protection they give. Moderna is one of the major Covid vaccine makers that has been working on o-micron-specific shots to address fading effectiveness against the variant. Producing new vaccines for when they are needed has always been a guessing game and one pharmaceutical firm is familiar with seasonal diseases like the flu. Omicron may not be the most worrisome variant of Covid. The lag between identifying a variant to tackle and actually producing, testing, making and distributing a new shot, along with the questionable practicality of continual boosting, makes us vulnerable and justifying efforts to create a more durable Covid vaccine that could target parts of the virus common across variant makes us vulnerable and

The US is about to make a big bet on the winter.

Experts say that we cannot boost our way out of the covidemic.

Live updates on the coronaviruses.