The first version of macOS Ventura was released to developers yesterday, and early users are discovering small changes in the update. Some of the more notable macOS Ventura tidbits are listed below.

macos ventura 1

"About This Mac" Redesigned

The About This Mac window has been simplified. The macOS version installed, the amount of memory, serial number, and the type of processor are still listed in the window, but all system information has been migrated to the System Settings app.

Clicking on the " More info" button at the bottom of About This Mac leads to a more advanced overview of a Mac's hardware, software, networking, and more.

Game Controller Menu

There is a new game controller menu in the system settings app. It's possible to map a controller's buttons and thumbsticks to a Mac's keyboard with the menu.

Some of the most popular racing wheels, pedals, and shifters for use in racing games on the Mac are now supported in macOS Ventura. The Nintendo Switch's Joy-Cons and Pro Controller are included in the list of additional game controllers supported by macOS Ventura.

Background Sounds

Background sounds are pre-installed on the Mac. According to Apple, this feature allows calming sounds, such as ocean or rain, to mask unwanted environmental noise and help reduce distraction. The background sounds on the iPad and the iPhone were first released last year.

The system settings app can be used to turn on background sounds on the mac If you want to turn off background sounds when your Mac is asleep or in screensaver mode, you can do that in this menu.

Other Features and Tidbits

  • macOS Ventura adds Clock and Weather apps to the Mac.
  • In the Photos app, the Hidden and Recently Deleted albums are now locked by default and can be unlocked using your Mac's password or Touch ID.
  • Playlists have improved sorting options in the Music app.
  • Siri has received a slight redesign with a focus on simplicity and "more focused" results.

The fall will see the release of macOS Ventura to everyone. There will be a public version of the software in July.

The sources of the image are the macrumors forum