It's easy to choose the best tablet, theSamsung Tab S8 series has no competition. The Tab S8s offer blazing speeds, gorgeous visuals, rich audio, durable batteries, and feature-rich software, but they're too expensive and massive for many buyers. All of the best tablets are available for work, school, casual use, or limited budgets.

It's easy to find the best Android tablet to pick up today

The Galaxy Tab S8 Plus with keyboard

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A great screen, strong build quality, and software that makes use of the extra screen size are the most important things to have in a full-sized Android tablets. The extra money for power users will be worth it because of the combination of everything.

Its spec sheet is easy to read, with the cutting-edge Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor, 8 gigabytes of RAM, and a microSD slot for expansion. You're getting a best-in-class display and a fantastic aluminum build with this product.

Quad speakers, in-display fingerprint sensor, and an S Pen stylus are included in the box that is attached to the back or top of the tablets. You can attach a keyboard cover and then use the DeX interface for a more laptop-like experience.

multitasking on the Tab S8+ is very easy thanks to the new OneUI 4 software. TheUI automatically splits your favorite apps into smaller windows or pop up windows when you drag them from the taskbar. The Tab S8 display can fit less information than the Tab S8 display can.

If you're willing to spend a lot of money on a massive, do-everything tablet, there's nothing else to choose from. Is the Tab S8 better suited for your needs?

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 with S Pen

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The Tab S8 is an entry-level flagship offering that has a comfortable size and powerful specifications. It's built on the same principles as the Tab S8 but takes small, strategic cuts back to be more affordable.

You get a manageable 11-inch screen, which feels better for handheld use than the S8+, and still has the same 8GB of ram and high-quality quad speakers, plus an extra 100 nits of brightness. It should last two days of casual use even though it has a smaller battery.

The Tab S8 is slightly slower than the S7 series, but it is still quicker. Some people prefer that the power button is in-display, so it isn't a big deal. You still get a 120Hz refresh rate and WQXGA resolution even though you don't have AMOLED. The display is still good.

The entire body has a sleek aluminum design that feels high-end and thin and light at just a quarter-inch thick. It's great for media consumption and handheld use because of that. Attach a hardware keyboard and jump into DeX desktop mode to do some serious work.

Lightroom photo editing on Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra

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If you're willing to spend a little extra, the first Ultra is a good choice. The Tab S8 Ultra has the same performance quality as the smaller models, but you can upgrade to a larger amount of storage to power more demanding applications and games.

The Tab S8 Ultra is small enough to fit on your desk. The display size makes it the champion for fitting multiple full-sized apps at once, and it can be converted into a modular laptop with a backlit keyboard cover.

The Tab S8 Ultra leaves you no room to hold it without accidentally touching it, and also exposes a notch that you will have to learn to ignore. You have to use it docked and the official keyboard cover costs a lot. The Ultra will cost you the same as a premium laptop if you combine the two.

You can save hundreds of dollars if you choose the base 8GB version and a third-party option. You are still getting excellent performance and a massive slab for gaming, streaming, and working even with just that memory. It is not portable, so you have to accept that.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE

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The Fan Edition version of the Tab S7 FE is a better version of the Tab S7 than the regular one. This variant of the S7 has bright colors, a gorgeous screen, and impressive battery life at a lower price point than the other S7 tablets.

The Tab S7 FE has a big 12.4-inch display that's perfect for watching movies or sketching out ideas. The included S Pen will allow you to write, color, or draw without having to spend extra money. If you want to browse a lot of apps while it sits on your desk, it's well suited for DeX mode. The S7 FE has a big 10,090mAh battery that should last up to 13 hours of use.

The S7 FE makes some changes compared to the S7 in exchange for its lower price. It only sports dual speakers instead of quad, and it only hits 60hertz instead of 120hertz, due to the fact that it only has 4 gigabytes of base memory. You can always upgrade your RAM and still have it cost less than the S7 if you want more display space, despite the fact that it did a good job in our tests.

There are a number of attractive colors for the tablets, including black, pink, green, and silver.

Minecraft Dungeons on the Lenovo Tab P11 Plus with an Xbox Wireless Controller

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The best tablets for most people are usually from Amazon or Samsung, but don't sleep onLenovo, which makes a series of stock tablets for premium and budget shoppers The Tab P11 Plus is our favorite choice because it offers a slight step up in specifications over the other tablets, without costing too much more.

It has a 2K display and 400 nits. Most budget tabs only point the audio in one direction while the stereo audio gives you rich sound regardless of how you hold it. If you want the same performance as the Tab S7 FE, you should upgrade to the G90T, it's out of date but still has good performance. The battery life of most cheap tablets is less than two hours.

A new Kids Space software that caters to younger users and a new Entertainment Space that organizes your favorite shows across all your streaming services are some of the unique features that come with the stockAndroid software. It will get a software upgrade similar to OneUI 4 this year, which is why it will receive the latest version of the operating system.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite promo

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The Tab A series is an excellent option for a fraction of the Tab S7+'s price if you're looking to buy a tablet for the first time. The Tab A still offers a metal body even though it won't impress you. Unlike Amazon's Fire tablets, it has a fully-functional version of the operating system, so you can download any apps you want.

The A7 lite is a great option for those in the market looking for an entry level device that offers a traditional experience. The Tab A7 lite is portable and comfortable to hold in one hand while still being large enough to consume media from streaming services.

Amazon Fire Hd 10 2021 Productivity Front 2

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If you're after a device with a large screen and a smaller price tag, the Amazon Fire HD 10 is a great deal. It's the best big tablets for doing the basics, from watching movies and TV shows to browsing and playing games.

This deal is even better because it comes with a Productivity Bundle option which includes a custom keyboard and a 12-month subscription to Microsoft Office. The package is compelling for those who want a secondary productivity machine with a boost in RAM from 2GB to 3GB. The Fire HD 10 Plus version has 4GB of ram, a wireless charging dock accessory, and is available in a slate color.

It's not a replacement for a computer, but it's the perfect portable productivity machine for students on the go. It's good to take notes in class with a steady keyboard and Microsoft apps. It is a lot lighter than a laptop.

It's important to keep in mind that you don't get the great apps and services of either the Play Store or the GOOGLE PLAY Store if you use an AMAZON FIRE TABLET. The Amazon App Store has a limited selection of apps. It's an ok trade-off for most people.

Lenovo Yoga Tab 13

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The Yoga Tab 13 is an alternative to theGalaxy Tab series. The Yoga Tab 13 will respond to your commands with no lag and has 8 gigabytes of RAM.

It doesn't have to buy an expensive accessory case because it has a built in kickstand. It can be used as a monitor for your computer or other device without taking up much room on your desk thanks to the stand. The Yoga Tab 13 has a soft fabric on its back that makes it very comfortable to hold.

The Yoga Tab 13's 2K resolution and 400 nits of brightness make it look amazing when streaming movies and shows. It has a place where you can organize your favorite shows across all your services. The new Kids Space software made it more child friendly. In an Ambient mode, it works as a smart display. The Yoga Tab 13 can be used for a lot of things.

Amazon Fire Hd 8 2020 Hero

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The Fire HD 8 is one of the most expensive tablets on the market. The latest version comes with an 8-inch HD display, 32 gigabytes of storage, and a 30% faster processor, as well as being able to charge with theusb-c.

It is still interesting for kids and adults to look at. You can pay more to get more storage for apps and video, and you can also remove Amazon's lock screen ads.

It doesn't have the same features as the Fire HD 10. You're more likely to pay attention to that when you're buying a small device. This is an excellent choice for media consumption.

Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids (2021)

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Amazon added a Pro tier for older children ages 6 to 12 and kept its standard Kids Edition tablets with content and features for children ages 3 to 7.

The Fire HD 10 Kids Pro is filled with the best hardware and software you could ask for as a parent. Amazon took its top big tablet, loaded it with parental controls, kid specific content for older children, and wrapped it in a functional case. The provided case has a kickstand that can be used to view the screen.

Solid colors are provided by the display. The HD 10 Kids Pro has the same dual speaker setup as the grown up version. There's a standard jack for headphones when you want to limit the noise.

The free year of Amazon's Kids+ service is due to the fact that this is a kids' edition. There are over 20,000 age specific titles for your kids. If the tablets breaks, Amazon will replace them for two years. It could be the most important feature.

Amazon Fire 7 Kids Edition

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The Fire 7 Kids Edition is a great buy if you have young children. It is geared towards a younger audience.

The Fire 7 Kids Edition Tablet is smaller and more manageable for children to hold, but it still has fun and colorful protective cases. I don't think your kids will be interested in the details of the screen and speaker. The longer battery life is the bigger concern. It's probably not a good idea for your kids to be on the screen for seven hours at a time.

The larger Pro devices come with a year of Amazon Kids+ service so you don't have to worry about what they are watching or how rough they are on their tablets.

Which of the best Android tablets should you buy?

It's usually best to pick a model from either Amazon or SAMSUNG. Amazon competes with its cheaper, budget A-models in order to win the premium and mid-range market. If you don't have a lot of money to spend, start with the most expensive version of the device.

It is a toss up between the Tab S8 models. The 11-inch Tab S8 is the best mainstream pick since it is lighter, brighter, and more affordable than its larger siblings. It has the longest battery life of the bunch.

You might want to look at the Tab S8+. The S8 will give you richer colors, deeper blacks, and more screen space for fitting in multiple apps at the same time, if you swap in a 12.4-inch AMOLED panel. You will feel like you are writing on paper when you use it. The upgrade to the Tab S8+ display is justified.

The large size of the Tab S8 Ultra makes it unsuitable for casual streaming in bed, but perfect as a replacement for a laptop. The price and power are similar to the iPad Pro. This is the best choice if you want a more powerful device.

If you can stomach some performance downgrades, you can get the same display size and battery as the S8+ for half the price.

You should start looking at Amazon's catalog with the Fire HD 8. The performance is good, and you can get a great media consumption device for a low price. There is only one catch. You'll need to download apps from Amazon's app store if you want to use the Fire HD 8 as a mobile device.