The Wyze Scale X adds additional modes for measuring luggage, pets, and babies.
Image: Wyze

Wyze is launching a new version of its scale called the Scale X. It is a standard smart scale for the majority of the time. New Baby, Pet, and Luggage modes make it easier to measure other things.

It may seem silly. It is possible to subtract a baby, pet, or suitcase's weight from your own. Doing the math for you makes sense as it saves you from having to measure twice, once by yourself and once with the thing you are trying to measure. Eliminating the extra step would save time for someone who has to wrangle a cranky 18-pound cat to see if his diet works. It's baffling that all smart scales don't do this

Wyze has a mode for pregnant women. Smart scales measure a rough estimate of your body composition. How much body fat, water, and lean mass a person has is determined by the current sent to it. That may not be suitable for pregnant people. It is an issue for people with medical devices. There is a weight-only mode for those people.

The Scale X also comes in white.
Image: Wyze

The scale measures 13 body composition metrics, including muscle mass percentage on top of weight, body fat, heart rate, lean body mass, BMI, muscle mass, Visceral fat, basic metabolic rate, bone mass, metabolism, and body water percentage. Don't put too much stock into body composition measurement. They are not medical grade, so they may be different from the ones you get from a lab or gym. They are meant to show you a big picture of your progress.

New heart rate monitoring capabilities, longer battery life that lasts up to 22 months, and a new white color are said to be features of the Scale X. It is able to support users from 11 to 400 lbs. It supports up to eight different users and has a 3.5 inch display. You can use the directions in the Wyze app to measure heart rate. The scale syncs with a number of health and fitness brands.

As a reminder, you shouldn’t put too much stock into smart scale body composition measurements

This is a standard feature set for smart scales, and it is less expensive than you might think. If you don't mind going with an unknown brand, smart scales can be found for less than $30. You can get smart scales from companies like Withings and Qardio. It can last a long time for a scale that uses disposable batteries. Most scales require you to swap out the batteries after a year. The battery life of the Scale X is doubled. The battery life always depends on how you use it.

The scale is available now. You should be aware that if you sign up for Wyze Cam Plus, you will get an additional $5 discount.