The disabled woman was left on the plane for more than an hour and a half after staff did not help her.

Victoria, who is paralysed from the neck down, was returning home on Saturday after a holiday in Malta.

She was told she would have to sit on the plane for 50 minutes. Wilson James did not show up to assist her.

The people who were supposed to help get me off the plane were not going to be there for 50 minutes. I was told it would be another half an hour after time expired. It took me an hour and 35 minutes.

I can't use my arms or legs because I'm paraplegic. To get off a plane, I need two people to lift me from the airplane seat into an aisle chair, which is a specially designed narrow wheelchair, and then I need to get out of the plane.

The people who were supposed to help me get off the plane didn't show up because they were busy elsewhere

The toilet wasn't working on the plane. She said the British Airways staff were very apologetic and gave her drinks while she waited for the airport staff.

The passengers were stuck on the plane as they couldn't get on until the plane was empty.

After hearing so many horror stories about people's chairs going missing, I went for the first time just before the Pandemic, so this was the second time I'd gone abroad and my fourth flight.

She said she would submit an official complaint after receiving an apology from the airport.

She thinks people shouldn't be stuck on a plane for that long. UK airports need to plan their staff well. I booked the help two months in advance, I didn't just show up, and I told them two weeks before as well.

I would like to apologize to Victoria for the treatment she received at the airport. Wilson James, our assistance provider, are looking into how this happened as a matter of urgent importance.

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Wilson James was disappointed with the service they delivered. While the aviation sector in particular is struggling with well- documented pressures, Ms Brignell's experience is unacceptable and falls far below our values and aims as a service provider.

Wilson James and the airport are looking into the incident as a priority.