Did you know that having solar panels can increase the value of your property?

Solar energy has been harnessed by nature for thousands of years. However, over the last few decades, technology has advanced to allow us to capture, convert, and store large amounts of solar energy for a reliable supply of electricity in our homes.

This is the major development and difference between passive solar and active solar. While they may vary, both of these forms of solar energy help decrease our carbon footprint and are major strides towards living renewably in the future.

Interested in learning about the benefits of passive solar vs active solar? Here’s a full breakdown to help you out.

What Is Passive Solar Energy?

Solar energy is the most fundamental source of life on the planet. For thousands of years, humans have been trying to harness and control the energy from the sun. This has led to many inventions, with the earlier iterations using passive solar energy.

This kind of solar energy refers to designs that harness and leverage the energy of the sun. These can be designs such as sunrooms and greenhouses as they allow the sun to easily come into the space to be absorbed and utilized. This is a more passive, natural way of using solar energy.

What Is Active Solar Energy?

Active solar energy is the more modern approach. This refers to devices that are designed to extract or convert solar energy into more useful forms. The most common form of active solar energy are solar panels, as they are designed to use the sun to create and store electrical energy.

Installing Solar in Your Home

Installing solar in your home has never been easier. As technology has advanced, solar panels have become cheaper and more accessible to the public. Solar lights are some of the most popular solar products and come with easy instructions to help you set them up yourself.

If you would like to install solar panels to generate and store electricity for your home, consider getting help from industry professionals. These professionals will help provide you with an active solar energy guide for your home, along with coming out to install the solar panels for you.

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Passive Solar vs Active Solar: The Verdict

While many will debate passive solar vs active solar, one thing that all academics and experts can agree on is that solar energy is the future.

With new legislation and regulations kicking in to encourage electric cars and solar panels, there has never been a better time to make the switch to solar. Both passive and active solar can be a practical way to decrease your carbon footprint and monthly utility bill at the same time.

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