You’ll be able to schedule an email to send it later.
Image: Apple

New features for Mail will bring the email app closer to being comparable to popular email clients. I use Mail on Mac for my work emails, and I think I will take advantage of many of the updates that will be available once they are available.

If you hit the send button you will be able to call back an email within 10 seconds. I use the feature more than I care to admit because I want to save myself from embarrassment.

You can set a time for an email to come back to you. I like to use the snooze button on Gmail to organize my emails. You can specify when an email should go out with a new feature. When Mail thinks you forgot to include an attachment, it will let you know.

When the new Mail features are released this fall, they will be available in all three operating systems. You can see the full list of new features in the macOS Ventura page.

Here’s what’s coming to Mail.
Image: Apple