Draymond Green talks to the Celtics’ Marcus Smart during the third quarter in Game Two of the 2022 NBA Finals at Chase Center on June 05, 2022 in San Francisco, California.

This is out of the way first. If a team walks into the NBA Finals against the Golden State Warriors and doesn't expect Draymond Green to pull Draymond Green antics, they won't be prepared for the task at hand.

There is a lot of fake outrage about the Warriors game two victory over Boston. It seemed like Green got into it with everyone on the team. At this point in his career, nobody should be upset with Green.

You get a pass if this is the first NBA basketball you've watched in a decade. Most of us fall outside that category. This is what Green has been for a long time. He's an annoyance to the highest order. Dennis Rodman is Draymond's mentor. The cool hair is gone.

Green has been with the Warriors from the beginning of this dynasty. Green is either 1a or 1b for the Golden State Warriors. It is Draymond and StephenCurry.

Curry brings something to the table that can't be matched by anyone else. Green's representation at both ends of the floor is the same. Draymond is the leader of the Warriors. He doesn't average double-digit points. Mr. Triple- single is green.

Draymond is the only enforcer in the NBA. The teams of the day had enforcers. Everyone loves the 1980s and 90s NBA so much that they all claim that the league is soft. Everyone gets out of shape when there is a confrontation in the NBA. Someone gets shoved during a game and we can't keep calling them soft.

25 years ago, using a rough and rugged player for intimidation was commonplace. The New York Knicks had two players. Antonio and Dale are brothers. The Pistons had Bill and Rick in the 80s. The Wallace brothers were on Detroit's 2004 title team.

Draymond is paid by the Warriors to do what he's paid to do. Green did a great job in the second game of the series. He made his way to the Celtics early. Green almost got a second technical foul for his foul on Jaylen Brown. He would have been ejected from the game. Fortunately for Golden State, it didn't happen, but Green is willing to walk that line. Green is the best at dancing on that line.

There was an exchange between Green and James in the 2016 NBA finals. Trash talk is a part of Draymond's personality. Ask a person from Green's hometown. They will tell you that the level of passion that Green plays with is not new to them. The norm is it.

The Celtics battled back in the fourth quarter after taking a big hit in game one. Green and the Warriors put the game out of reach in the second game of the series. The Warriors sprinted ahead with one of their runs in the third quarter as Boston was clearly out of their game.

The Celtics need to change their mindset. They can't expect the refs to bail them out. Maybe Green should have had the second tech at some point in the second game. This was a Draymond Green game. He isn't acting out of character or ramping it up for the finals. Draymond is going about his business the same way.