Sony’s unconventional LinkBuds just got their first price break on Amazon
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We have a pair of great discounts on Sony earbuds. The discount on the Sony LinkBuds is the first ever offered by Amazon. You can get a pair for less than the normal price. The lowest price we have seen for these earbuds is this one.

The Sony LinkBuds are a clear departure from conventional earbuds, using an "open-style" donut shaped design instead of the more typical Silicone ear tips. For some people, a more comfortable fit is a result of this. Excellent voice call performance is provided by the Link Buds. They aren't very practical in loud environments because of their design. The controls allow you to tap the side of your head to control them instead of the ear bud. We recommend you to read our review.

Sony's Link Buds have a design that is comfortable and airy. They do well when used for voice calls.

  • $158 at Amazon
  • $160 at Best Buy

If you are looking for something a little more conventional, Amazon is currently selling the Sony WF-1000XM4 noise-canceling earbuds for $228 instead of their usual price of $279.

The Sony noise-canceling earbuds are our favorite pair of wireless earbuds because of their noise-canceling capabilities. The earbuds provide excellent sound and noise-cancellation, as well as having some of the longest battery life among all the wireless earbuds we have tested. The lack of multipoint support is a disappointment, but we still consider the WF-1000XM4 a worthy consideration for anyone in the market for a pair of excellent noise cancelling earbuds. We recommend you to read our review.

The sound quality is second to none and the noise cancellation is the best in the industry. The earbuds have a new design with a rating of IPX4.

  • $228 at Amazon
  • $230 at Best Buy

Amazon is currently selling the 44mm configuration of the Apple Watch for $229, which is less than the normal price of $309. The Apple Watch Series 6 is an excellent device, but at a more affordable price point, and the gps and wi-fi ready model is an excellent device. The discount only applies to the silver aluminum watch, but you can always swap out the blue band later.

Most of the time, the SE does what you expect from an Apple- branded timepiece. It is able to deliver notifications, use Apple Pay for payments, and keep track of fitness metrics. The Series 6 and 7 features include an always-on display, but the SE cuts some of them to keep a more accessible price point. The SE handles the basics well, even though it doesn't have higher-end features. We recommend you to read our review.

The Apple Watch SE is a step up from the Series 3 and is similar to the last-gen Series 6.

  • $229 at Amazon
  • $249 at Walmart

If you buy a one-year family subscription to Nintendo Switch Online at Best Buy, you'll get a free 128 gigabyte microSD card. This bundle costs just $34.99 compared to its combined value of around $103 so it's a great deal for new Switch owners or anyone that could just use an extra card. This is a good value, even if you cut it in half, because the cost of a 128GB card is usually $34.99.

Unlike the individual subscription to Nintendo Switch Online, the family membership gives access to the online features used for a number of games. You can play classic games on the Nintendo Switch. Being able to use cloud storage for all of your save games will ensure you always have your most recent data on hand.

The key difference with the family plan is the ability to share your login credentials with up to eight other members with their own Nintendo Online accounts, no matter if they are tied to the same console or not.

When you purchase a one-year family membership to Nintendo Switch Online, you'll get a 128-gigabyte microSD card for free. Up to eight users will be granted access to online and Nintendo games.


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If you're interested in getting a mobile controller for your phone, you can get it for less than the original price.

It's hard to find an elegant way to prop up your screen without a controller or phone grip. It's possible to turn your phone into a Nintendo Switch-a-like with the help of the Kishi.

It isn't necessarily compatible with all phones, but it is compatible with devices larger than the Note 10. There is a list of devices from major manufacturers that play well with the accessory. We recommend you to read our review.

The controller is designed for mobile and cloud gaming.

Best Buy and B&H Photo are both selling brand-new speakers for the same price as refurbished ones. The larger, more powerful Sonos Move is on sale for $319.20 instead of its usual price of $399, while the smaller, less powerful Roam speaker is on sale for only $143. Both of these speakers have great sound quality, but they don't lose the features that make them great.

The Sonos Roam is a more portable option. The waterproof speaker is perfect for the pool or beach, it's durable for most impacts. The 10-hour battery life isn't great, but it does offer built-in support for both Amazon's voice assistant and the internet search engine. The Roam has Apple AirPlay 2 support which allows it to communicate with other compatible Apple devices on the same network We recommend you to read our review.

The Sonos Roam is a portable speaker that is built to endure the elements. It has wireless charging and supports a number of electronic devices.

  • $143 at Best Buy
  • $143 at B&H Photo

The best option for a speaker with more juice is the Sonos Move. The weight and battery life make it a little more difficult to carry than the Roam. If you can help it, you shouldn't have to worry about it being left outside in the rain. Apple AirPlay 2 is included in the Move to make it easy to pair with Apple devices nearby. Playback on the Move can be controlled hands-free with built-in support for voice assistants. We recommend you to read our review.

The speaker is designed to be moved around the house or used in the yard. Powerful sound and full support for many streaming apps can be found in it.

  • $319 at Best Buy
  • $319 at Sonos


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