According to a key ally of the premier, the Conservative Party will vote on Johnson's leadership this week.

A person with knowledge of the situation said that the prime minister is confident that he will win a confidence vote if one is held. The rebels already have the numbers to call a vote, according to one of the MPs who has been organizing against Johnson.

The chairman of the 1922 Committee, Graham Brady, is the only one who knows how many MPs have called for the premier to step down. Brady will inform the prime minister once the threshold is crossed. The prime minister's spokesman wouldn't comment.

The drumbeat of calls for Johnson's resignation has increased since the publication of an internal probe into illegal parties held in Downing Street during the Pandemic.

After a long holiday weekend to celebrate the Queen's Platinum Jubilee, speculation is mounting about whether the Prime Minister can survive. 180 voters are needed to remove Johnson if the rebels can get a confidence vote.

The report into the so-called partygate scandal has soured the mood among lawmakers already frustrated by his chaotic style The first sitting prime minister to be fined for breaking the law was Johnson, who was fined for celebrating his birthday during the Pandemic.

As Britons struggle with soaring energy bills and the highest inflation in four decades, there is uncertainty over his future. The Chancellor unveiled a 15 billion-pound support package to ease the cost of living crisis after warnings that as many as 250,000 more households were at risk of destitution.

More Bad News

The prime minister was dealt a further blow over the weekend, with polling showing that the Conservatives are in danger of being defeated in a special election.

The seat was one of the Labour-voting districts in northern England that helped Johnson win the general election. J.L. Partners gave Labour a 20 point lead.

On the same day as the by-election in Honiton, the party is also in danger of being humiliated. The Conservatives are expected to lose their stronghold to the Liberals. The votes were triggered by the resignations of Conservative MPs.

The prime minister is going to try to shift the focus to the government's efforts to deal with the National Health Service'slogged down during the Pandemic.