Image: Sony

Even though it's unpopular, Morbius is back in theaters and it's obvious. The film made just $85,000 on Friday after making a return to over 1000 theaters.

Morbius was released on April 1st and didn't go well. Our TV and film reporter, Charles Pulliam-Moore, says that the pacing, plot, and performance of the lead actors in Morbius isill-conceived, and that it calls into question Sony's grand project of building an entire movie.

The movie was re-released by Sony in hopes of getting a second wave of people to watch it. It turns out that a meme's popularity doesn't correlate to genuine interest.

In an even more cringey move, the star of Morbius,Jared Leto, just had to get in on the meme, posting a video on the social media site that shows him reading from a fake script. It is hoped that Sony is not planning on having Dr. Morbius in the next Spider-Man, or even a sequel.