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It's believed that it was her who wasn't on the same page for their future.

According to the magazine. After more than a year together, MBJ and LH have decided to go their separate ways. They haven't posted a photo together for months.

Mike hasn't posted on IG in awhile, but the last time he threw up a picture of them was during the Oscars. Ditto for the person who posts a lot. She hit the Met Gala solo and didn't see Michael.

There is a reported uncoupling. According to a source familiar, Michael wanted to go the distance in a long-term relationship withLori, so he wanted to get even more serious with her. Are you going to get married?

It looks like she didn't want the same thing as him. They both feel sad, and continued love for one another, according to the outlet.

Their one-year anniversary was celebrated in the fall. They were one of the best couples in Hollywood for a long time.

Lori Harvey and Michael B Jordan -- Happier Times

Mike had met Steve Harvey's family and even attended some Harvey get-togethers during the holidays. Similarly for his family.

If the report about Michael wanting to settle down is true, then the age difference could be a factor that killed this. They're both 35 years old and 25 years old.