Two women risked their lives to access water in India in a video that went global this week.

Women are seen traveling long distances to scale the walls of a well without using ropes or harnesses. They scoop the small puddles of water into buckets that are suspended by rope as they reach the bottom. They ration the water they find.

After wells and ponds have dried up, the video is a reflection of the Ghunsiya village. In the past a video of Indians risking their lives for water has gone viral. A woman risked her life to fetch water in Maharashtra.

In India, there are many areas affected by water crises. India was one of 17 countries that said their water stress was high. The country is expected to face more severe water stress in the near future.

There is a story about a man's tale of discrimination in a foreign city.

Millions of people are forced to live without water during the summer due to water shortages in the state. Locals are unhappy with the government and have decided to boycott the elections.

Government employees and politicians only come during elections. We will not vote until we have a proper water supply. We have to descend the well to get the water. Locals told ANI that there are three wells that have dried up.

Indians on social media urged officials to help the village after viewing the video.

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