If everyone agrees on one thing, it's that the ships and vehicles are still awesome, even the new ones. The instant classic "Razo Crest" was the equivalent of an RV for Mando and 'lil Grogu to tour the galaxy's hot spots. Mando got a midlife crisis upgrade when the Crest met an accident that severely compromised its resale value.

The TIE fighter, the Twin Ion Engine star, is the epitome of Star Wars because they are both updated and classic in almost every new addition. TIE fighters are used for combat and patrol, their speed and maneuverability make them the perfect foil for rebel ships like the X-Wing. The top 10 styles of TIE fighters are ranked here.

Classic TIE fighter from Star Wars

The classic TIE fighter is one of the cool entries on our list, but it needs to be in the No.10 spot to be considered. In A New Hope, the Millennium Falcon drops out of hyperspace into the asteroid field. Obi-Wan correctly sees it as a short-range fighter and that a small moon must be nearby for it to land on.

The gun port sequence featuresTIEs chasing the Falcon. During the space battle, engageRebel ships. The classic TIE has appeared in almost every Star Wars movie and television show since the first movie. The Force Awakens introduced a slightly modified version of the ship with an extra antenna and a splash of red, which is part of the upgraded TIE sport package, which is available at a First Order dealer near you for 17 thousand credits.

9. Darth Vader’s TIE Advanced x-1

Darth Vader's TIE in Star Wars.

New ships and environments in successive installments are one thing that Star Wars has always been good at. Darth Vader learns that he has a private model when he jumps in a TIE to join the fracas outside the Death Star. Darth had a special version to advertise his alpha status because he wouldn't be caught dead in anything his cannon fodder would fly.

It has never been clear what Vader is doing. If anyone could drink back a touch and still knock off a few Y-Wings, it would be him. The Empire doesn't win the battle. It's just saying...

8. Major Vonreg’s TIE Interceptor

Major Vonreg's TIE Interceptor from Resistance

The First Order and Resistance were chronicled in the years before the sequel trilogy was set in the Star Wars Resistance animated series.

The First Order officer, "Major Vonreg," sounds like a German Flying ace, and boy would he have racked up the kills over the Somme! The TIE fleet is known for its sleek, fast, and amazing things. The Major is wearing a red flight suit and who doesn't want their car in red? The ship becomes a killer Lego set.

7. Mining Guild TIE Fighter

Mining Guild TIE Fighter from Star Wars Rebels

Is the Mining Guild TIE cooler than the TIE Interceptor? It is similar to comparing the Volkswagen version of Bumblebee to the fifth-gen fighter jet Starscream. The fighter is going to be taken out for a test all day. Like a Volkswagen, this TIE will get you in better shape with the cool kids.

The only known private TIE fighter in the universe is the Mining Guild TIE. They are painted yellow to differentiate them from Imperial TIEs, which tend to run into a lot of enemy flak. They had a notch cut in their stabilizers, which allowed for better visibility at the cost of their maneuverability. That's a thing as well.

6. TIE Advanced v-1 Prototype

TIE Advanced Prototype from Star Wars Rebels.

The show absolutely fetishizes TIE Fighters, featuring them in all kinds of inventive ways. One of the Rebel heroes, who is an artist and former Imperial cadet, stole a classic TIE and made it into an art project by painting it with flowery yellow and orange graffiti.

The TIE Advanced prototype has curved wings that can be folded over when it lands. The introduction of the Inquisitors will forever be linked with it.

5. TIE Striker

Tie Striker from Rogue One
StarWars.com (Disney)

The amazing shot of Jyn Erso confronting a TIE fighter on a catwalk at the top of a tower was in the trailer but not the finished film. I would like to give a bit of advice to filmmakers on future Star Wars projects: never state that your hero will fight aTIE fighters at the top of a tower and never include it in the final film. It seems like that doesn't say anything.

It does make up for it by including a grip of great new ships, including not one but two new TIEs, and the sleek and slender TIE Striker. It was used against the Rebels at the Battle of Scarif to have wings that folded up and down over its body.

4. TIE Bomber

TIE Bombers in The Empire Strikes Back.

The Empire Strikes Back increased the Star Wars cool quotient by about a trillion over the first film, including many of the characters, ships, and environments. We were made to lean forward in our seats in order to get more at the store.

One of the cool attractions in Empire is the TIE Bombs that attempt to find the Millennium Falcon by dropping bombs on asteroids. The double body and curved Vader TIE fighter wings were a great touch, but they also contributed to the idea that the world of Star Wars contained undiscovered multitudes. The topic of how TIE Bombers drop bombs in the absence of gravity is still being discussed.

3. Kylo Ren’s TIE Silencer

Kylo Ren's TIE Silencer from The Last Jedi

The TIE Silencer is the best named of all the TIEs. Ren had to follow in Vader's footsteps and have his own TIE design. He one-upped gramps with this beauty, an Interceptor with a nose and long, lean, sharp-edged wings.

Some of the baddest TIE pilots are featured in a scene in The Last Jedi when Ren joins his First Order colleagues in their mission to destroy the Resistance fleet. The prince took his ship into a high-speed rotating spin through a canyon of Rebel frigates like a man who eats G-forces for breakfast and then complains they weren't filling enough.

2. TIE Defender

A TIE Defender from Star Wars Rebels

The TIE Fighter home computer game from the mid 1990s was a dark time for Star Wars when there was no new movies and TV was still dominated by shows like She Wrote and Walker, Texas Ranger. Thanks to the video games, comic books, and novels, fans of the Star Wars saga were able to quench their thirst.

The three-pronged, six-winged TIE Defenders is featured in Star Wars Rebels, which shows both its immense tactical advantages and the sheer geometric beauty of the thing. The ship got its own show.

1. TIE Interceptor

A TIE Interceptor from Return of the Jedi

The TIE Fighter video game includes the TIE Interceptor, but it is mostly on the cover for obvious reasons. The greatest shot in all of Star Wars-dom was the introduction of the TIE Interceptor. In Return of the Jedi, after the admiral warns that it is a trap, the rebel ships retreat into a phalanx of Interceptors. It is a stunning moment and no digital shot has improved it.

Before The Great Star Wars Christmas of 1983 was released, Lucas introduced approximately 37,400 new characters, ships, and environments, and he knew that Return of the Jedi would be the last Star Wars movie. The TIE Interceptor is the epitome of cool.

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