The door to diplomatic engagement should be kept open by the Western nations according to the French president.

He said in an interview with French media that "we must not humiliate Russia so that we can build an exit ramp through diplomatic means."

The German broadcasters reported that the French President offered to lead the talks between Russia and Ukraine.

He said that he believed France to be a mediation power.

Although the French leader said in the interview that he is seeking a diplomatic solution, he said that Putin is making a historic mistake by continuing to wage war.

The Russian leader has "isolated himself" on the world stage, he said.

In May, he told reporters in Strasbourg that peace would come with "Ukraine and Russia around the table" and not with "humiliation"

Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the president of Ukraine, responded to the comment by saying that he was looking for a way out of Russia.

Last week, the leaders of Germany and France urged Putin to negotiate with the Ukrainian government. During a phone call, the European leaders asked Putin to find adiplomatic solution to the conflict.

According to France 24, Putin told them that the situation in Ukraine could get worse.

Caesar howitzers, MILAN anti-tank guided missiles, and Mistral anti-aircraft missiles were sent by France. Zelenskyy was told in May that arms deliveries would intensify.