Al Horford played Superman in the Celtics’ shocking win over the Warrior.

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The offensive ability of Curry, Thompson and the Warriors has made many championship-round games feel routine from 2015-19.

The NBA Finals hiatus may have changed what we can expect from the Bay Area.

The Celtics, who were written off as runners-up by some, won the first game of the series on the road by a dozen. Despite being one of the worst players in the playoffs, the victory was still achieved. It is an outlier from Golden State's run of form over the last decade.

The way it went down is amazing. Boston was good but not great in any way. White played better than Marcus Smart. The Celtics were able to beat the Warriors down the stretch like Golden State has done. They are almost certainly incorrect on Friday if anyone thought they had figured it out.

There were people who thought Boston would win the series and people who thought it would be terrible. Al Horford scored 26 points with 6 3-pointers. A collapse with Curry pulling the strings was thought to be on the horizon by a lot of people. The NBA has a guaranteed fan base. It was the second-biggest unanswered explosion in the last frame of a finals game in 50 years when the Celtics ran off 17 unanswered points in the fourth quarter.

Curry was the game's leading scorer with 34 points, a total that looks less impressive with the added context of scoring only 13 in the game's last three quarters. The best shooter in the sport was quite cool off. Both teams were not looking to make a mistake and threw their best shot at each other in the beginning of the game. The Warriors teams of the last decade vividly came back in the third quarter after Golden State took a big lead. The bubble burst quickly.

The last time there was no Warriors or James in the NBA Finals was in 2010, when the Lakers beat the Celtics in seven to win the Larry O'Brien trophy. It took an entire decade of getting used to the same faces competing for a title that included four straight years of both Golden State and James leading the way. The NBA's recent history may have led us all to rely too much on it.

The rest of the series will be affected by that whiplash in the fourth quarter. The Warriors are afraid of looking over their shoulder even if they win the next four games. Before Thursday, you didn't think it would happen. How could it not be in Steve Kerr's mind? It's vivid now.

Even though Golden State gave their home-court advantage away, Draymond Green and the rest of the Warriors are still in control.

Celtics coach Ime Udoka has said that it wouldn't be his team if things weren't easy. The first game was no different. Boston has been through the fire in order to get out of the conference. Thursday was the best sign of perseverance. The men of Udoka never gave up on the fact that they were down a lot of possessions to the Warriors. The other teams wouldn't have crumbled. The answer was zero before Thursday.

Golden State has plenty of time to regroup with Game 2 on Sunday night in what is now a must win home game. The rebirth of the Warriors dynasty seemed to some to be more of a formality than anything else. Those plans are in danger of collapsing.